Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
FIA Project 6209011

    Permanent road deactivation, Swing Mainline, Campbell River Forest District: project completion abstract
Project lead: TFL Forest Ltd.
Author: Cullen, Michael
Imprint: Courtenay, BC : Michael Cullen Geotechnical, 2004
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Road Construction, British Columbia, Riparian Areas, Management
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program
The project involved permanent deactivation of 3.5 km of road. The road is located above Beaver Inlet in TFL 47. The objectives of the work were to reduce the potential for soil erosion, sedimentation of fish streams, mass wasting, and to help restore hill slope hydrology. Values at risk included fish habitat and forest resources. The deactivated road crossed moderate to steep gradient slopes. Surficial materials consisted of a veneer to blanket of colluvial soil over bedrock. Pockets of a silty sand morainal soil were also present. The road was constructed with a bulldozer in the early 70ís. On steeper slopes 3/4 or full bench construction methods were used; all of the excavated material was sidecast or pushed into draws. Tension cracks and slumping were common along the edge of the road fill slopes. Several landslides had previously initiated from the road prism.


Project Completion Abstract (93Kb)

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Updated August 16, 2010 

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