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Abstract of FIA Project 2216034

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Routine effectiveness evaluations of instream restoration treatments: Bencher Creek, Cinnamon Bear Creek, Lewis Creek, Thursday Creek, and Table River Tributary Streams 293, 353, 404 and 427

Author(s): Antill, Tim
Imprint: Prince George, BC : EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc., 2004
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Watershed Restoration, Routine Effectiveness Evaluation
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program


Project Completion Abstract Routine Effectiveness Evaluations of Instream Restoration Treatments: Bencher Creek, Cinnamon Bear Creek, Lewis Creek, Thursday Creek, and Table River Tributary Streams 293, 353, 404, and 427 Watersheds: Bowron River, Table River, Torpy River, and Willow River Prince George Forest Region Objectives: The objective of this project was to conduct Routine Effectiveness Evaluations (REE) to determine the success of instream restoration works installed in 2000/2001. The works evaluated were located on Bencher Creek, Cinnamon Bear Creek, Lewis Creek, Thursday Creek, and Table River Tributary Streams 293, 353, 404, and 427. FIA Investment Schedule Number, Project Number, and Fiscal Year: NO-TSA24 2216 / 2216034 / 2003 Recipient Name and Division/ MoF District/ MoF Region: Joe Kavanagh, Canadian Forest Products Ltd. / Prince George Forest District / Prince George Forest Region Names/ Affiliations of Registered Professionals Involved in the Project: Rob Van Schubert, R.P.Bio and Tim Antill, R.P.Bio., A.Ag. Author of the Project Completion Abstract: Tim Antill, R.P.Bio., A.Ag. EDI Environmental Dynamics Inc. 4722 Continental Way, Prince George, BC. V2N 5S5 Phone: (250) 562-5412 Fax: (250) 562-5413 Name of Watersheds / Sub-basins: Bowron River Watershed: Bencher Creek Sub-basin Table River Watershed: Sub-basins 293, 353,404, and 427 Torpy River Watershed: Cinnamon Bear Creek and Lewis Creek Sub-basins Willow River Watershed: Thursday Creek Sub-basin. Introduction: Watershed level assessments conducted in 1999/2000 (i.e. Level I and II FHAP, CAP and Rap assessments) indicated that the streams previously identified were high priority candidates for restoration opportunities. In 2001, Canadian Forest Products Ltd. implemented treatment prescriptions outlined in the watershed assessments, specific to each stream. A variety of consulting firms and individuals were involved with various aspects of the assessments, prescriptions, and implementation of the restoration treatments. Although methods and designs varied between sub-basins, the general overall objective of increasing channel stability remained the primary focus of the works. This project was an effectiveness evaluation of the structures installed in 2001 to assess physical and biological performance of the treatments. Description of Design: Works conducted during the REE followed the FIA Aquatic Restoration and Rehabilitation Standards outlined in the document 'Guidelines for In-stream and Off- Channel Routine Effectiveness Evaluation' (FIA 2003). Description of Completed Work: Field evaluations were conducted in September of 2003 and project reporting was completed in March of 2004. The compendium report produced for this project encompassed the REE results from eight individual streams on an individual sub-basin basis. Mean physical and biological performance ratings were calculated for both individual structure types as well as across all structure types for each stream. Based on the results, no immediate remedial works were recommended at the time of the report. A follow up REE should be conducted by 2005 to reassess the structures and to make further recommendations. Cost Summary: The total project cost to conduct Routine Effectiveness Evaluations on eight sub-basins includes both field and reporting costs. Total cost: $15,430.00
by Tim Antill

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