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Abstract of FII Project R2003-249

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Yellow Cypress clonal evaluation and selection

Author(s): Van Niejenhuis, Annette; Western Forest Products Ltd.
Imprint: [Duncan], B.C. : Western Forest Products Limited, 2003
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Chamaecyparis Nootkatensis, Ecology, Forestry, Genetics
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program


The yellow cypress clonal evaluation and selection project is focussed on examining the patterns of genetic variation in this valuable timber species. Information from this project informs gene resource management decisions for this species including conservation and deployment strategies to realize gain. This productivity enhancement leads to enhanced value of the forest land asset, and increases available timber by addressing access constraints. Nineteen common gardens trials have been established to examine the genetic variation patterns within the species. Contractors were employed to measure and record tree heights and diameters, together with tree form, of all trees in those trials that are four, seven, or 12 years in the field. This data was screened and summarized. Patterns of variation will be discussed in a draft journal article, and identifications and clonal values of stable, top-performing clones will be available to BC orchardists. These top-performing clones will be included in subsequent production hedge orchards. Where vegetative competition is a factor in the trials, brushing will be undertaken. The implementation of the results of this work is already paying. Western Forest Products has established a clonal hedge orchard that will deliver an average of 15% volume gain to plantations where it is deployed. At full production, this hedge will provide 450 k plantables to the field. As new clones are identified, the volume gain is projected increase to in excess of 20%.
Annette van Neijenhuis.

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