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Abstract of FII Project R02-02

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Strategic land use planning for sustainable resource management

Author(s): Day, John C.; Albert, Karin H.; Gunton, Thomas I.; Frame, Tanis M.; Calbick, K.S.
Imprint: Vancouver : Simon Fraser University, 2003
Subject: Land Use, Planning, Environmental Aspects, British Columbia, Land use, Rural, Sustainable forest management, Landscape Ecology
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Forest Science Program


The purpose of the research project is to assess the effectiveness of the collaborative approach used to develop the B.C. Land and Resource Management Plans (LRMPs). This is done by evaluating the process for preparing, implementing, monitoring, and revising land use plans. The project was designed to identify ways of improving the LRMP process to better meet multiple resource objectives in a manner that reflects the interests of all relevant stakeholders. The project meets key objectives of the Forintek research program including strengthening sustainable forest management and enhancing environmental values. [This] is designed as a three-year project.
Chadwick Day...[et al.]

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