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Abstract of FIA Project 5003005

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Operational adjustment factor 1 (OAF) sampling in the Bulkley, Lakes, and Morice Forest Districts

Author(s): Laing and McCulloch Forest Management Services Ltd
Imprint: B.C. : Pacific Inland Resources, 2003
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Sustainable Forestry, British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative


Currently, OAF 1 values use provincial defaults to obtain estimates in modeling timber supply through programs such as TASS. OAF 1 reduces volume to account for small stocking gaps, espacement patterns, and other factors that may cause parts of a stand to be unproductive to what TASS simulates (Laing and McCulloch, OAF Data Acquisition for the Lakes, Morice, and Bulkley TSA). The purpose of collecting localized OAF 1 data is to more accurately predict sustainable harvest levels for the productive land base in the Bulkley TSA. To do this, a funded program was launched in 2001 to collect OAF 1 stocking gap information across the Bulkley, Morice and Lakes Forest Districts. This project is jointly funded by FIA recipients across each of the aforementioned TSAs. The OAF 1 program launched this year under funding through the Forest Investment Account was intended to augment the data collected in 2001. The result would be a report that would summarize the information collected which would attempt to satisfy the Chief Foresters requirements for utilizing OAF 1 values that deviate form the provincial defaults for future Bulkley Timber Supply reviews.
Laing and McCulloch Forest Management Services Ltd.

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