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Strategic plan for sub-boreal mixedwood forests of the Prince George TSA

Author(s): Byman, Patience; University of Northern British Columbia
Imprint: [Prince George], B.C. : Canfor, Prince George Woodlands, 2003
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Silvicultural Systems, British Columbia, Prince George Region
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative


Sustainable forest management (SFM) has stimulated a growing interest in managing for mixedwood forests by shifting the focus towards biological diversity and ecological processes. Sustainable forest management may be the process that facilitates and accelerates development of mixedwood management strategies for the sub-boreal. However, it will be the recognition of local social, environmental and economical values, which will sustain the initiative. Current policies, practices and information bases in BC do not effectively support mixedwood management. The intent of this document is to set the framework required for successful implementation of mixedwood management. The process described is incremental: management activities progress and become more complex as the knowledge base expands. Mixedwood forests are complex spatially, temporally dynamic and diverse in composition and structure. In order to achieve sustainable mixedwood management we must: i. Improve our understanding of the functional and structural ecological relationships at both landscape and stand levels; ii. Plan and implement mixedwood silviculture systems, renewal, and protection strategies that will provide the maximum possible ecological, social, and economic benefit; iii. Design monitoring processes that support adaptive management; and iv. Develop markets for non-traditional sub-boreal tree species. This will be accomplished within the framework of SFM values and objectives on biological diversity, productive and resilient forests, timber resources, community acceptance and social and economic benefits. The goal of this strategic plan is to create a partnership environment aimed at: (a) describing the ecological processes which result in the formation and development of mixedwood forests, (b) incorporating this knowledge into our daily management operations, and (c) enhancing corporate and community sustainability. Table 1, an annotated matrix based on interviews and the author's opinion, addresses the above issues and objectives by identifying strategic outcomes, priorities and underlying rationale. The table will facilitate adaptive management, provide a means to track projects, trials and permanent sample plots while prioritizing projects and indicating future opportunities.
[Patience Byman]

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