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Abstract of FIA Project 2001007

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Development of conservation strategies for badgers in the Thompson and Okanagan Regions: Year 4 of 4 Years

Author(s): Artemis Wildlife Consultants
Imprint: B.C.: Artemis Wildlife Consultants, 2003
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Badgers, British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative


In 2002-03, we continued to examine the distribution and ecology of badgers (Taxidea taxus) in the Thompson and Okanagan regions, with the broad objective of developing a conservation strategy for the species. During this, the final year of the project, we carried on facilitating support for badger conservation as well as completing the final season of data collection in our radiotelemetry research study. As part of the research study in 2002-03, we radio-located 5 badgers 89 times. The mean home range size of adult males was 57.0 km2 (n = 7), while the female that we had tagged in 2000 (now deceased) had a summer home range of 28.8 km2. Badgers seem to have a few widely dispersed areas in which they focus their activities and use a variety of habitats. Highways appear to be a major source of mortality for badgers in the Thompson region; 5 of 14 of our tagged study animals have died on highways to date. We continued to solicit recent badger sightings in British Columbia from the general public, industry, and government employees during 2002-03. We collected an additional 69 sightings of badgers, ranging from 70 Mile House to Grand Forks. The majority of sightings that we collected came from the North and South Thompson regions. We used a wide variety of forums and media to educate members of the general public, as well as specific target groups, about badger ecology and the conservation of badgers in the Thompson and Okanagan regions. We continue to be very involved with the jeffersonii recovery team and began a Badger Working Group, with members from Canada and the USA. We allocated much of our effort to education and fostering positive relationships with landowners and the general public in the project area. Our public education program has been met with interest and enthusiasm. Because of these efforts, members of the public, ranching industry, and land managers are more aware of the existence, general ecology, and conservation needs of badgers in BC
Artemis Wildlife Consultants.

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