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Abstract of FIA Project 1017019

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Stand structure based growth curve projection system design

Author(s): Harmeny Systems Ltd.
Imprint: B. C.: [Lignum Ltd.], 2003
Subject: Forest Inventory, British Columbia, Forest Investment Account (FIA), Trees, Growth
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative


Since 1996, Lignum has invested a significant amount of resources in the collection of detailed data, focusing on our forest inventory. In addition to this data collection, we have also initiated the calibration of an uneven-aged growth model (RING- Radial Increment Net Growth) for purposes of realistically predicting growth development patterns for uneven-structured stands on our IFPA. Additionally we have developed a stand structure classification key (Stand Structure Classification Key: Second Approximation, 2003) that can be used as a basis for projecting data from growth models. All of these initiatives had produced large quantities of detailed data that was designed to be integrated into the forest inventory. Therefore, our next challenge was to manage the data appropriately (to minimize degradation of the data) and maintain the forest inventory current using this information. This project was designed to help us manipulate the data produced to date, as required. Specifically, this project helped us project our VRI using a number of models (VDYP, TIPSY, FPS, RING), since these different models have both benefits and limitations in terms of their ability to reliably project growth patterns of complex stands. A product of this work is the Lignum VRI that has been projected to 2003 using the four models (note not all models are applicable to all forested stands).
Harmeny Systems Ltd.

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