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Abstract of FIA Project 1017018

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Remote sensing summary: Landsat 7, an assessment of error of omission / commission and accuracy

Author(s): Alexander, Jeff; Lignum Ltd.
Imprint: B. C.: Lignum Ltd., 2003
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Remote Sensing, British Columbia
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative


Results of the pixel accuracy and error of commission are comparable to the results experienced in 2001/02 (69%). The spectral signatures generated for the 2001/02 study area were applied over the image, whereas, spectral signatures were generated in 2002/03 at the biogeoclimatic zone/variant level. It was hypothesized in 2001/02 that results might improve by developing signatures at the biogeoclimatic zone/variant level. According to the 2002-03 assessments, the results within the SBSdw2 improved to 81%, well above the 69% average, whereas the results in the IDFdk3 (65%) are below the average. It is speculated that the major contributor to a lower accuracy in the IDF dk3 is due to species composition as there are many mixed stands. Further refinement of the species composition layers is required. Two image dates were analyzed for the SBPSmk for comparison reasons. The results in June/02 are considerably better than in August/02. It is hypothesized that the hot and dry summer in 2002 may have influenced vigour changes. The trees may have shutdown earlier making the subtle vigour changes brought on by Mountain Pine Beetle attack less detectable. More exploration is required to determine the reasons. Last year error of commission was determined through our accuracy assessments. In 2002/03 the error of omission was determined and the main errors are attributed to green attack (57%) or green attack associated pixels (15%). Due to the A-typical flights (multiple flights) that have occurred in the past few years it is inconclusive on when "green" attacked trees are actually being attacked and whether there is sufficient time for vigour change.
Jeff Alexander.

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Updated August 02, 2006 

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