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Abstract of FIA Project 4267009

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Environmental maintenance project, stream crossing deactivation at vicinity of 14.5 km Skyline FSR - FL A18667: project completion abstract

Author(s): Lord, Garth W.
Imprint: Salmon Arm, BC : Cascade Forest Engineering Ltd., 2003
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Road Construction, British Columbia, Riparian Areas, Management
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program


The objective of the project was to reduce the risks associated with an existing older wooden box culvert/crossing located at 14.5 km on the Skyline FSR by removal of the structure and stabilization of the stream banks. The likelihood of an event occurring due to the prior state of the crossing was judged to be high with the potential for a debris flow initiating as a direct result of failure. Downslope impacts upon the elements at risk (private property, possible impact to transportation corridor, potential public safety issues) were rated as high if left in place. The study area is located within the Mara Skyline area and is not within a community watershed. The study area consists of an older (>20 years) log box culvert crossing an S5 stream channel that is a direct tributary to Mara Creek, some 550m downslope. The structure had been constructed with large logs laid in place and fill materials overlain. No lashing or pinning was noted. Fillslopes of the approaches reached 80% with numerous areas of tension cracks and settlement across the running surface of the culvert. In addition to the above, the structure had started to fail and debris had accumulated across the upstream edge. It was estimated that ~357m3 of material could potentially fail creating a debris flow within the stream channel. It was therefore recommended to remove the structure and stabilize the stream channel and road/trail prism. The original prescription was prepared by G.W. Lord, P. Eng., of Cascade Forest Engineering Ltd., dated November 5, 2003 (File C-05-13-03)

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