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Deactivation of Blen 615E and Blen 618 roads, Blenham Area, Weyerhaeuser West Island Timberlands, Coast Forest Region: project completion abstract

Author(s): MacDonald, Rick
Imprint: Parksville, BC : The Author, 2003
Subject: Forest Investment Account (FIA), Road Construction, British Columbia, Riparian Areas, Management
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program


The Blenham Blen 615E and Blen 618 roads were identified by Weyerhaeuser Company Limited, West Island Timberlands Unit as a high priority for road deactivation because of recent instability problems associated with these road located on steep terrain. The Blen 615E and Blen 618 roads were constructed across a northerly facing slope at approximately 800 m elevation. These roads were previously semi-permanently deactivated, with a light pull back of the over steepened fill slopes. Residual fills remained, which was evident at the slide head scarf on the Blen 615E road, therefore these roads were considered a very high hazard for further slope failure. Environmental Maintenance Project Plan (Roads Activity Area) or Prescriptions (Terrestrial Activity Area) A field assessment and road deactivation report for the SC970 roads was carried out by Rick MacDonald, P.Eng., dated March 4, 2003. The proposed deactivation work included the re-construction of cross ditches to better manage cross slope runoff, and the removal of residual fills on steep cross slopes that could fail. Description of Completed Work The deactivation work was completed on November 29, 2003. The road has been permanently de-built, with no vehicle access. The total length of the Blenham roads which were deactivated is 1.9 km.

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