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Nimpkish River instream fertilization: including tributaries - 2001

Author(s): Hansen, Loreta; McCusker, Megan R.
Imprint: Nanaimo, B.C. : B.C. Conservation Foundation, 2002
Subject: Nimpkish River Valley (B.C.), British Columbia, Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, Watershed Management, Forest Investment Account (FIA)
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program


2001 was the inaugural year for instream fertilization of the Nimpkish River and tributaries. In 2000, pre-fertilization water sampling was conducted in the mainstem Nimpkish River, Davie River and three tributaries: the Kilpala River, the Kaipit River, and Lukwa Creek. All samples indicated a deficiency of phosphorus. Liquid fertilizer drip stations, for the addition of a mix of inorganic 10-34-0 and 28-0-0 (2:1), were located on the mainstem Nimpkish River, Davie River, and two feeder streams: Sebalhall Creek and Cain Creek. The total loading of liquid fertilizer, over a period of 82 days was as follows: Cain Creek - 984 L, Davie River - 1893 L, Sebalhall Creek - 227 L, Duncan Pool (Nimpkish mainstem) - 1893 L, and the Poserline Crossing (Nimpkish mainstem) - 2650 L. An experimental slow release fertilizer product called "Nutri-Stones," supplied by Lesco Inc. of Ohio, was applied to three tributaries. Unfortunately, several flood events in late August resulted in unseasonably high river discharge. It appeared that the majority of the briquettes has been washed downstream or out of the tributaries. Water samples were collected three times throughout the growing season.

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