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Abstract of TERP Project #1-12

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Restoration of native grasslands in the Prince Rupert Forest Region: Final report

Author(s): Veenstra, Valerie; McLennan, Donald
Imprint: [Victoria, B.C.] : Oikos Ecological Services Ltd., 2002
Subject: Restoration Ecology, British Columbia, Forest Investment Account (FIA)
Series: Terrestrial Ecosystem Restoration Program Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program


Natural grasslands in the Prince Rupert region have decreased dramatically in extent due to lack of natural and anthropogenic fire. One estimate states that grassland extent has decreased 75% over the last 50 years, and it is a high regional priority to address the loss and degradation of these sites. This project built upon a previous project by Haeussler (1998), where Saskatoon-Slender Wheatgrass (SBSdk/81) and Bluegrass-Slender wheatgrass (SBSdk/82) ecosystems in the region were mapped, sampled and ranked. The Haeussler data were used as a starting point to describe reference ecosystems and to initiate restoration and management strategies to restore and maintain the grasslands. Reconnaissance mapping was done to verify the previous mapping, and to assess potential sites to use in the reference descriptions of the two ecosystems. Five sites were selected, and set up with monitoring transects. Baseline data was collected and analyzed from line intercepts, Daubenmire frames, and full ecoplots. Maps were made of each of the sites, and air photos taken. Plans were made to test various treatments to determine their effectiveness at restoring native grasslands. This project was undertaken with the hope of developing a long term management strategy for conserving and maintaining the health of native grasslands in the Prince Rupert region. Due to lack of funds, only one site was slated for burning in the 2002/2003 fiscal year. The report from this project is in the Ministry library: McLennan, D. and V. Veenstra. 2002. Restoration of Native Grasslands in the Prince Rupert Forest Region. Prepared for Terrestrial Ecosystem Restoration Program by Oikos Ecological Services Ltd., Smithers, BC.
Project Name: Restoration of Native Grasslands in the Prince Rupert Forest Region, #1-12
Project Proponent: Oikos Ecological Services Ltd, Smithers
Keywords: native grasslands, reference ecosystems, restoration plan, restoration burning

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