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Development and testing of fine-filter prescriptions for listed and fire-adapted species in conjunction with NDT4 ecosystem restoration: site establishment report

Author(s): Machmer, Marlene M.
Imprint: Nelson, B.C. : Pandion Ecological Research Ltd., 2002
Subject: Restoration Ecology, British Columbia, Forest Investment Account (FIA)
Series: Terrestrial Ecosystem Restoration Program Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program


Efforts to reverse habitat degradation resulting from fire suppression in the Rocky Mountain Trench include a large-scale restoration program. A combination of treatments (harvesting, thinning, post-harvest slashing, prescribed burning and stand tending) are used to achieve land use plan targets of shrubland, open range, and open forest components across the landscape. These large-scale treatments take a ‘coarse-filter’ approach, assuming that the restoration of ecological processes and landscape patterns will provide the necessary habitat for individual species. However, the effects of these treatments on biodiversity have not been monitored. Activities in this ‘fine-filter’ project included choosing two appropriate sites, setting up monitoring plots, and initiating pre-treatment monitoring at the sites. These sites will have restoration treatments completed in the near future. Future monitoring is planned to evaluate the effects of ‘coarse-filter’ treatments on listed and endemic wildlife species and rare plant species. The development and testing of fine–filter habitat prescriptions is also planned, for those species whose habitat requirements are not addressed through coarse filter management. An operational field guide for managing biodiversity in conjunction with NDT4 restoration projects is an intended future product of this project. The year one site establishment report is available from the Ministry library: Machmer, M. M. 2002. Development and Testing of Fine Filter Prescriptions for Listed and Fire Adapted Species in Conjunction with NDT4 Ecosystem Restoration - Site Establishment Report . Prepared for the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection by Pandion Ecological Research Ltd, Nelson, BC.
Project Name: Development and testing of fine-filter prescriptions for maintaining biodiversity in conjunction with NDT4 ecosystem restoration in the Rocky Mountain Trench
Project Proponent: Pandion Ecological Services, Nelson
Keywords: grasslands, NDT4, open forest, fine-filter restoration

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