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Abstract of TERP Project #5

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Development and testing of fine-filter prescriptions for listed and fire-adapted species in conjunction with NDT4 ecosystem restoration: literature search and preliminary work plan April 2001

Author(s): Machmer, Marlene M.
Imprint: Nelson, B.C. : Pandion Ecological Research Ltd., 2001
Subject: Restoration Ecology, British Columbia, Forest Investment Account (FIA)
Series: Terrestrial Ecosystem Restoration Program Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program


An estimated 250,000 ha of crown land in the Rocky Mountain Trench of south-eastern British Columbia is classified as fire-maintained. These dry, low elevation grasslands and open forests are located within the Interior Douglas-fir and Ponderosa Pine biogeoclimatic zones, and are characterized by frequent stand-maintaining surface fires. This regime promoted open stands of ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir, and western larch. Successful fire suppression has increased the fire return interval by as much as 60 years, resulting in excessive forest ingrowth and encroachment. Each year, approximately 3,000 ha of native grassland and open forest in the Trench are converted to a closed forest condition, impacting an estimated 114,000 ha since 1952. Other human activities have also contributed to dramatic landscape alterations. Consequences of these activities are extremely wide-ranging and include decreased forest health, degraded forage values for wildlife and domestic livestock, reduced timber quality and quantity, increased risk of catastrophic wildfire, increased invasion and spread of noxious weeds, and loss or degradation of critical wildlife habitat. The objectives of this project in year one are to identify listed and fire-adapted wildlife species in IDF and PP biogeoclimatic zones of the Trench, develop a monitoring framework to inventory wildlife and plant species, and to select sites for pre-treatment monitoring.

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