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Non-Alpine Habitat Use and Movements of Mountain Goats in North-Central BC

Author(s): Turney, Laurence
Subject: British Columbia, Ecology, Forestry, Integrated resource management, Wildlife
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative


Approximately 30,000 ha of potential mountain goat habitat is found in the Nadina Forest District with a significant portion adjacent to existing and proposed harvest areas (Turney et al. 2001 and 2002). Assess-ments of mountain goat sign and population surveys indicate that some of these forested cliff and canyon features are no longer used, or only used on a peri-odic basis (Turney et al. 2000, Mahon et al. 2002). The reasons for this use pattern are unclear and there are concerns from resource managers that the loss of mountain goats from these features may be permanent, and may affect overall mountain goat population dynamics.In order to increase the level of knowledge of mountain goat forested habitat use upon which informed management decisions can be made, a multi-year study was initiated in the of fall of 2002 with the following goal:To develop management strategies that provide for the conservation of mountain goat habitats and populations and maintain a viable timber harvest.
Morice & Lakes Innovative Forest Practices Agreement : Summary No. 37

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Updated September 08, 2005 

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