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Abstract of FIA Project 4017033

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Developing A Strategic Plan For Community Involvement In Sustainable Forest Management In The Prince George TSA

Author(s): Andersen, Elizabeth
Subject: British Columbia, Biodiversity, Forestry, Integrated resource management, Socio-economics
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative


Community involvement and input assists us in understanding the socio-economic dimensions of SFM and enabling the holistic practice of SFM. As such, community and public involvement in forest planning initiatives is key to SFM management yet their participation in the Prince George TSA varies right now. Understanding communities' SFM interests and capacity to participate in SFM initiatives will assist forest managers trying to engage communities and the public in SFM planning. Increased involvement, will improve our practice of SFM in the Prince George TSA.
Building a SFM community involvement strategy will be a two-phase undertaking:
Phase I Document current community and public involvement in forest planning initiatives
Phase II Develop strategies that enable community and public involvement and that inform the socio-economic dimensions of SFM
These strategies will be useful tools for forest companies and government agencies when determining the membership of potential 'public advisory groups' for forest planning and SFM initiatives. This will assist licensees to meet their SFM public process needs and FIA SFM public process requirements. Additionally, if built upon an understanding of community interests and capacity, the strategies will enable communities to benefit from SFM initiatives. This is a strong incentive and starting point for increased future public involvement in SFM.
The purpose of this project is to recommend a strategy and tools for enhancing community understanding of, involvement in and support for SFM in the Prince George TSA.

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Updated September 08, 2005 

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