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Abstract of FIA Project 2001012

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MOF Field Trial Establishment: Dryocoetes confusus

Author(s): MacLauchlan, Lorraine
Subject: British Columbia, Biology, Ecology, Entomology, Forestry
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative


Three additional 1 ha permanent sample plots were established in 2002 (2 funded by FIA funding and one established by MOF entomologist). Two plots were located in Spius Creek (Merritt TSA) and one in Scotch Creek (Okanagan TSA). All plots were located within sites that have current and historic records of western balsam bark beetle, Dryocoetes confusus. All plot trees were tagged, stem mapped and assessed for pest information. Data from these plots will complete a 10-plot database established to provide information on the dynamics and impact of D. confusus, which is considered the number one mortality-causing agent in high elevation forests. Quantitative measures include: establishment of plot(s); data sets generated; and, summary report. D. confusus is present throughout all TSA's in the Kamloops and Southern Interior Region and is causing considerable unsalvaged losses.

For further information, please contact Lorraine Maclauchlan, BC Ministry of Forests - Southern Interior Forest Region (

Updated September 08, 2005 

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