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Abstract of FIA Project 1023014

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Yun Ka Whu'ten Dna Pilot Project - 2002/2003 Summary Report

Author(s): Davis, Larry R.
Subject: British Columbia, Ecology, Inventory, Wildlife
Series: Forest Investment Account (FIA) - Land Base Investment Program - Innovative


We used hair snagging to obtain nineteen samples from 24 traps that were set out over 4 sessions. This yielded a total of 96 capture stations. The majority of samples are from marten (10), but two fisher, two flying squirrel, one short-tailed weasel, one red fox, and one unknown rodent were also among the samples. The remaining samples failed to obtain a result. Initially, capture success was limited with only 2 and 3 samples in the first two sessions, but increased to 5 and 9 samples during the last two sessions. This resulted in an overall trapping success of 20%.

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Updated September 08, 2005 

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