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One Forest Under Two Flags - 2004 Proceedings
October 2-6, 2004 Edmonton, Alberta
Society of American Foresters

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Table of Contents:

Partnerships in Forest Management

 Partnerships in Forest Management Certified Foresters:  Where We Are, Where We're Going (536KB) - Greg L. Hay 

Partners Beneath the Trees: Building Collaboration in Managing for Non-Timber Forest Products (3349KB) Abstract (21KB) - Dr. Darcy A. Mitchell, Gordon Prest, Pamela Perreault, Rebecca McLain, Jen McAdoo, Lynn Schneider, Rod Salleee, Roger Fight, Ron Smith James Chamberlain, Wendy Cocksedge 

The Impacts of Area Estimation Using an Object Oriented Approach on a Forest Planning Model (290KB) - Clifton Anderson 

Aboriginal Peoples & Forest Tenure in Canada (171KB) - Peggy Smith, Monique Ross, National Aboriginal Forestry Association

Minority Perception and Participation in Urban and Community Forestry (51KB) - Kelly Winston, Zhu Hua Ning

Ecological Forest Management 

Riparian Management - Testing the Waters (11832KB) - Rick Bonar 

The Effect of Microsite Environment on the Growth of White Spruce Seedlings at their Southern Limit of Distribution in South-Western Manitoba, Canada (243KB) - Sophan Chhin, G. Geoff Wang 

Cumulative Effects of a Severe Windstorm and Subsequent Silvicultural Treatments on Plant and Insect Diversity in the Gunflint Corridor of the Superior National Forest in Northern Minnesota: Five-Year Results (361KB) - DW Gilmore, SJ Seybold, JC Zasada, DN Kastendick, KJK Gandhi, HP Johnson 

What Are the Top Environmental issues for North American Forests? (320KB) - George Gary Ice 

Effects of Site Preparation on the First Year Growth of Planted Longleaf Pine Seedlings (28KB) - Benjamin O. Knapp, G. Geoff Wang, Joan L. Walker 

Developing Conservation Tree and Shrub Suitability Groups in the Mid-West (5054KB) - Ginger Kopp 

Transboundary Vegetation Classification & Mapping in the Waterton/Glacier International Peace Park (3014KB) - Karl E. Brown 

Fire-The Missing Ingredient for Natural Regeneration and Management of Southern Pines (82KB) - Ronald E. Masters, Kenneth Hitch, William J. Platt, James A. Cox 

Evaluating Timber Harvesting Effects on Water Quality in Low-order Streams in the Missouri Ozarks (553KB) - Ryan Mueller, John J. Bowders, David Gwaze, W. Keith Moser 

The Case for Riparian Reserves Around Small Streams (32KB) - John S. Richardson, R. Dan Moore 

Monitoring Whitebark Pine for White Pine Blister Rust in the Northern Rocky Mountains (115KB) - Cyndi M. Smith 

An Approach to Mixedwood Yield Curve Development in Ontario (142KB) - Al Stinson, Murray Woods, Margaret Penner 

Compatible (or co-) Management of Forests for Timber and Non-Timber Values (131KB) - Brian D. Titus, Becky K. Kerns, Wendy Cocksedge, Richard Winder, Dave Pitz, Gary Kauffman, Ron Smith, Stewart Cameron, Jim R. Freed, Heidi L. Ballard 

Analysis of Aspen Stand Structure and Composition in the Western United States: Implications for Management (1071KB) - John Shaw 

Enhancement of Fibre Production

Aspen, Adaptation, and Climate Change. Is Alberta Aspen Adapted to a Fossil Climate? (26KB) - J.S. Brouard 

Provisional Stand Density Management Decision-Support Models for Boreal Conifers  (80KB) - Peter F. Newton, Scott Jones 

Enhanced Fibre Production and Management of Lodgepole Pine (589KB) - W.R. (Dick) Dempster, Shongming Huang 

Modeling White Spruce Height Growth of Three Ecosite Phases in the Alberta Boreal Mixedwood Ecological Area (501KB) - Richard C. Yang 

An Integrated Forest Monitoring System for Alberta-Informs (22KB) - Yuqing Yang, Shongming Huang 

Planning Tools for Sustainable Forest Management/Integrated Resource Management

Are Forestry Best Management Practices (BMPs) Effective? (38KB) - George G. Ice

Simulation of Historical and Current Fire Regimes in Central Saskatchewan for Annual Allowable Cut Determination (447KB) - Chao Li, Hugh Barclay, Jianwei Lui, Doug Campbell, Greg Carlson 

Forest Landscape Dynamics Under Fire and Mountain Pine Beetle Regimes (314KB) - Chao Li, Hugh Barclay 

Enhancement of Forest Inventory and Management with Tree List Generator Products (2041KB) - Frank Liu, Dongmei Wang, Kim Rymer, Dave Cheyne, Robert O’Keefe 

Application of Biodiversity and Natural Disturbance Research to Forest Management on JD Irving, Ltd. Lands in New Brunswick, Canada (16KB) - David A. MacLean, G. Pelletier, M-A. Villard 

Stand Structure Classification: A Quantitative Approach (1930KB) - Ian Moss, Riverside Forest Products, Ltd., Harmeny Systems, Ltd., Craig Farnden 

Validating the Southern Variant Forest Vegetation Simulator Height Predictions on Southeastern Hardwoods in Kentucky and Tennessee (812KB) - Bernard R. Parresol, Steven C. Stedman 

Forecasting the Evolution of Forested Landscapes Undergoing Rapid Development (435KB) - Bogdan Strimbu, John Innes 

Modeling Debris Slide Travel Distance (134KB) - Bogdan Strimbu 

Human Limitations in Understanding Forest Complexity (49KB) - Michael Meitner, Ryan Gandy 

The Whole Tree Harvesting Issue: How do harvesting methods compare with natural disturbances? (20KB) - Evelynne Thiffault (SAF FS&TB Student Poster Winner)

Forest Health Protection and Climate Change 

Preliminary Report on the 2003 Tanacross Ips Trapout Project (143KB) - Roger E. Burnside, Graham W. Mahal 

What we know about Woodborers in Alaska: Potential for Introduction and Damage elsewhere (23KB) - Roger E. Burnside, Mark Schultz, Malcolm Furniss, Graham Mahal 

The Effects of Hazardous Fuel Reduction Treatment on the amount of Bark Beetle-caused Tree Mortality in Sierra Nevada, USA (539KB) - Christopher J. Fettig 

Human Population Change, Urban Sprawl, and Landuse Change (166KB) - Mike Franklin, Zhu Hua Ning, Mike Stubblefield 

Does Salvage Logging Result in a Future Forest? (946KB) - Roger E. Burnside, Graham W. Mahal, Edward H. Holsten 

The National Database of Wildfire Mitigation Programs: State, County, and local efforts to Reduce Wildfire Risk (30KB) - Terry Haines, Cheryl Renner, Margaret Reams, James Granskog 

Firewise - USA Approach (41KB) - Richard D. Reitz, Claudia Standish, Hank Blackwell, George Duda, Karen Lightfoot, Loretta Ray, Russ Shumante, Wendell Peacock, Patricia Disert, George Geissler, Judith Leraas-Cook 

Wildfire in Alaska – Migrating Risk & Hazard in the Boreal Forest (8293KB) - Susanne V. Rodmann 

Technology Development in Forest Planning and Operations

Incorporating Technology: Advancing Wildland Firefighting with logging Machinery - Paper (462KB) - Presentation (3998KB) - Christopher Bielecki, Dr. John Garland

Digital Aerial: Sketch-Mapping in Alaska - Paper (18KB) - Poster (729KB) - Roger Burnside

Testing a large-scale photography system (1:430) for the Forest Inventory in Mixed and Hardwood Forests of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Region (2005KB) - Kim Chapman 

Modeling the Rural Urban Interface in the South Carolina Piedmont (554KB) - T. Stephen Eddins, Lawrence Gering, Jeff Hazelton, Molly Espey 

Concept and Application of Growth Basal Area: A Forestland Stockability Index (1806KB) - Frederick C. Hall 

Technology for Treating Fuels and Small-Diameter Material (456KB) - Bob Rummer, Joint Fire Sciences Program 

Moving Boreal Conservation Forward Through the Development of a new Remote Sensing-based Approach to earth cover inventory (835KB) - Kevin B. Smith, Christopher E. Smith, Alain J. Richard, Daniel J. Fehringer, Gary R. Stewart 

Streaming Video Plus – A New Internet Experience that is more like a classroom (372KB) - Luke Rogers 

Developing Forest Policy to Encourage Sustainable Forest Management 

Opportunities and Barriers for Sustainable Wood Production: A Pacific Northwest Perspective - Paper (33KB) - Figure 1 (18KB) - Figure 2 (10KB) - Figure 3 (22KB) - Figure 4 (11KB) - Figure 5 (475KB) - Robert L. Deal 

Do Markets Provide Barriers or Incentives for Sustainable Forest Management: the U.S. Experience - Paper (29KB) - Figures (36KB) - Richard Haynes

Carbon Offset Generation in Boreal Ontario-A Feasibility study in the Timmins Management Unit (163KB) - Susanna Craig-Laaksonen, Jeff Biggs 

The Influence of Markets on the Composition of central and Northern Hardwood Forests (111KB) - William Luppold 

The Second Independent Assessment of the Status of Indian Forests and Forestry (78KB) - Gary Morishima  

The Key Elements of Sustainable Forest Management: The Ontario Model (73KB) - Corrinne Nelson, Roj Miller, Dan Cooligan 

Forest Products Trade in the Pacific Rim: Opportunities and Challenges for Canada and the United States (72KB) - Sen Wang, Brian Peter, Brad Stennes, Bill Wilson, Tim Williamson, William Wagner 

A Science and Policy Partnership: The Great Lakes Forest Alliance (24KB) - Dr. Daniel Keathely, William Thornton, Wendy Hinrichs Sanders 

One Strategy at Work for more than 260 reasons (69KB) - Jeff Young 

A Road Diverged: Roots of Forest Management in Western Canada (12932KB) - Robert Stokes 

Institutional Lessons: Contrasts in Practices

Management Issues Concerning Nonwood Forest Products in Canada and the U.S. (90KB) - Susan Alexander, Sinclair Tedder 

Towards an Improved Understanding of Illegal Logging and Associated Trade (97KB) - Matthew R. Auer, C. Denise Ingram, Christopher Farley 

Costing Forest Research Labs Operations-A Case Study of Enhanced Forestry Lab (EFL) (60KB) - Balbinder S. Deo

Professional Development 

Professional Development Workshop: Communications Skills for the Natural Resources Professional (1992KB) - SAF Communications Committee and Education and Communication Working Group

Internationalizing Forestry School Curricula: the Private Consultancy Perspective (17KB) - Michael Sterner 

History and Evaluation of the McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Research Program (171KB) - Don H. Thompson, Steven H. Bullard, Dr. Boyd W. Post, Sr. 

Code of Ethics and Forest Practitioners (58KB) - Roxanne Comeau and Michael Goergen 

Private Woodlots/Nonindustrial Private Forests

Provincial and State Foresters Property Taxation Systems at Work (51KB) - Rod Brevig 

Tax Behavior of Non-Industrial Private Forest (NIPF) Landowners of United States (105KB) - Rajendra Kumar Chaini, Dr. William L. Hoover  

Private Woodlot/Nonindustrial Private Forests Certified Forester Program Review (411KB) - Greg L. Hay 

Private Woodland Owners-Meeting the Stewardship Challenge (33KB) - Erin Neave, Doug Wolthausen 

Promoting Forest Visualization Technology in Pennsylvania (3393KB) - Paul Roth, Dr. James C. Finley 

Communications and Social Sciences

Harvest, employment, and values for NTFP in the US:  What we know and What we don't. (25KB) - Susan J. Alexander 

The Healthy Forest Restoration Act: New provisions affecting our communities (28KB) - Mila Alvarez 

Wildfire as a Galvanizing and Fragmenting Influence on affected communities (73KB) - Matthew S. Carroll, Patricia J. Cohn, David N. Seesholtz, Lorie L. Huggins 

Preparing for wildfire: keys to success in 15 communities in the U.S. (76KB) - Pamela J. Jakes 

Fireworks, Duck Races, and Haunted Trails: A Benefits-Based Management Research Project Involving Rural Illinois Communities & Federally Managed Outdoor Recreation Areas (210KB) - Jessica E. Leahy, Dorothy H. Anderson 

The Canadian Who Reforested Florida: Clinton Huxley Coulter-A Case Study on Publishing to Preserve Forest History (975KB) - Barry W. Walsh, Ed Barnard 

The Influences of Forested Landscapes (818KB) - Dieter Kuhnke 

Feature Forest Programs

A Critical Assessment of ten years of on-the-ground sustainable forestry in Eastern Ontario’s settled Landscape (12KB) - Elizabeth Holmes

Posted May 2006