Southern Interior Forest Region

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St. Mary River single tree selection study in the Rocky Mountain Trench

Author(s) or contact(s): M.J. Waterhouse, T.A. Newsome, P.G. Comeau, and H.M. Armleder
Source: Southern Interior Forest Region
Subject: Silvicultural Systems
Series: Extension Note - RSI
Other details:  Published 2008. Hardcopy is available.


In 1993, the Forest Sciences staff from the former Nelson Forest Region established the St. Mary River research trial in the Rocky Mountain Forest District to demonstrate the operational feasibility of the single tree selection silvicultural system in mixed Douglas-fir, western larch, and lodgepole pine stands in the Interior Douglas-fir biogeoclimatic zone (Pollack and Crampton 1994). This silvicultural system could be used to address a range of forest management objectives and applied in sensitive areas. The trial was set up to measure growth and yield, and regeneration response to different levels of residual basal area retention. The target residual basal areas were 24 mē/ha (heavy), 16 mē/ha (medium), and 8 mē/ha (low) (for trees >17.5 cm diameter at breast height [dbh]). A no-harvest treatment was also included in the study. Growth and yield plots were installed before harvest in 1994 and remeasured immediately post-harvest in 1995. Interest in this trial was renewed in 2006 because of the potential for immediate application of results (year 15) to similar stands where mountain pine beetle and salvage logging are selectively removing the pine component.

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Updated March 14, 2008