Southern Interior Forest Region

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Retention Strategies to Maintain Habitat Structure and Wildlife Diversity during the Salvage Harvesting of Mountain Pine Beetle Attack Areas in the Southern Interior Forest Region

Author(s) or contact(s): W. Klenner
Source: Southern Interior Forest Region
Subject: Wildlife Ecology
Series: Extension Note - RSI
Other details:  Published 2006. Hardcopy is available.


This document was prepared for information purposes and consideration in the development of within-stand retention practices in salvage blocks following attack by mountain pine beetle (MPB, Dendroctonus ponderosae). It outlines some stand-level practices that will help protect and maintain habitat structure and wildlife diversity during large-scale salvage harvesting. Planning for within-stand retention during salvage harvesting will help create conditions that resemble, to a reasonable extent, the spatial, temporal, and structural characteristics of natural disturbances. Some key habitat issues that may need to be considered when planning for include retaining mature forest attributes such as large live trees and snags, connectivity and isolation effects, riparian reserves and management zones, prompt access management, and maintaining heterogeneity. The approaches and suggestions outlined in this report have two objectives: to help maintain habitat for a wide range of biota, and to hasten the process of structural succession by providing suitably dispersed mature and late seral forest legacies within a developing early or immature seral stand. Background information from current published literature on the role of structural retention in managed forests is summarized. Some applications of these principles to conceptual examples are provided, since each operational field application will face specific opportunities and challenges. Suggested stand-level strategies will be most effective if co-ordinated with complementary landscape-level retention, and applied in the context of a full range of resource values.

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