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Driving Changes In Forestry - 2005 Proceedings
October 19-23, 2005 Fort Worth, Texas
Society of American Foresters

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Table of Contents

Technological Advancements May Increase Efficiency and Precision in Sawtimber Volume Estimation (7956KB) Abstract (6KB) - Brent A. Harding, Chris A. Dahl, Harry V. Wiant, Jr.
Graphical Representations of Catagraphic Uncertainty Across Different Spatial Scales (583KB) - Andrew Lister, Rachel Riemann
LIDAR Remote Sensing for Characterizing and Visualizing Vegetation Structure  (19892KB) - Robert McGaughey
LIDAR: An Emerging Tool for Multiple Resource Inventory (2316KB) - Stephen E. Reutebuch, Hans-Erik Andersen, Robert J. McGaughey
Reineke's Stand Density Index: Where Are We and Where Do We Go from Here? (401KB) - John D. Shaw
The Fuel Treatment Evaluator - A Silvicultural Approach to Reducing Fire Hazard (745KB) - Wayne Shepperd, Karen Abt, R. James Barbour, Roger Flight, Robert Huggett, Patrick Miles, Elizabeth Reinhardt, Kenneth Skog
An Alternative Method for Online Analysis and FIA Data - SOLE: The Southern Online Estimator - Abstract only (7KB) - Michael P. Spinney, Paul C. Van Deusen, Francis A. Roesch
Forest Planning Using Forest Inventory Data and the Forest Vegetation Simulator (150KB) - Don Vandendriesche, Patrick Miles
Creating a Dynamic, Large-Scale Fire Danger Index (44KB) - Christopher W. Woodall, Joseph J. Charney, Greg C. Liknes, Brian E. Potter
Gulf Coast Community Urban Forest Assessment (412KB) - Kamran K. Abdollahi, Zhu H. Ning, Michael Stubblefield, Gregory Tarver
The Communities Committees and Urban Forestry (28KB) - Carol Daly
Hunting Lease Enterprises for Private Landowners - Goldmine or Mindfield? (532KB) - Brian MacGowan
Sustainable Urban Forestry Software (2417KB) Abstract (20KB) - E. Gregory McPherson, Shelley Gardner
Urban Forest Management: Healthy Forest for Healthy Community (30KB) - Zhu H. Ning, Brent Beamon
Influence of Silvicultural Practices on Understory Disturbance Regimes, Microsites, and Plants (105KB) - David S. Buckley, Jordan M. Marshall
Relative Density and Competitive Dynamics of Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) Forests in Western Italian Alp (510KB) - Giorgio Vacchiano, Emanuele Lingua, Fabio Meloni, Renzo Motta
Sixteen Years of Oak Wilt Suppression in Lakeway, Texas (2058KB) - Carrie Jean Burns
Significance, Impact and Management of Oak Wilt Over Six Decades (261KB) - Jennifer Juzwik
Living Forest Laboratories for Sustainable Silviculture in British Columbia (2919KB) Abstract (8KB) - A.K. Mitchell, A. Vyse
HW Buck for Windows: The Optimal Hardwood Log Bucking Decision Simulator with Expanded Capabilities (160KB) - James B. Pickens, Scott Noble, Blair Orr, Philip Araman, John Baumgras, Al Steele
Intensive Hardwood Log Bucker Training Using HW Buck Dramatically Improves Value Recovery (117KB) - James B. Pickens, Aaron Everett, Scott Noble, John Baumgras, Philip Araman, Conrad Waniger, Al Steele
Fire and Fire Surrogates Study: First Network Results (505KB) - Dylan W. Schwilk, Jon E. Keeley The National Fire and Fire Surrogate Study (FFS) (3465KB) - James McIver, Dylan W. Schwilk
Project LANDFIRE: Providing Data to Drive Fire Management (1678KB) - James L. Smith, Ayn Shlisky, Kelly Pohl, Bruce Jeske, Kevin Ryan, Matt Rollins, Zhiliang Zhu, Jim Vogelmann
Forest Certification in North America and Globally (1319KB) - Kathy Abusow
The SFI Standard and Social Responsibility (56KB) - William Banzhaf
Land-Use Change Drives Forest Legacy Program (157KB) - Elizabeth S. Crane
Planning Your Work, Working Your Plan (492KB) - Eric Cox
Competing for Legitimacy: Development of a National Forest Certification Scheme in Finland (293KB) - Keith Mars, David Ostermeier
Using the Landscape Management System (LMS) (1760KB) - James McCarter, Kevin W. Zobrist
Dynamic Vegetation Modeling: Driving Management Changes Today by Looking into the Past and Future (118KB) - Kelly Pohl, Terri Schulz, Ernst Strenge, Mike Babler, Ayn Shlisky, Jim Smith
Developing Management Templates for Increased Biodiversity and Economic Viability in Intensively Managed Forests (700KB) - Kevin W. Zobrist, Thomas M. Hinckley, Michael G. Andreu, Kevin R. Gehringer, Craig W. Hedman, Bruce R. Lippke
Religious Undercurrents in Environmentalism and Forestry: Introduction to the Working Group Session (26KB) - Edward L. Barnard
Some Disenchantment with "Enchantment" (33KB) - Justin D. Barnard, E.L. Barnard
Religious Impact of the International Environmental Agenda (139KB) - Michael S. Coffman
Origins of Environmental Action (30KB) - Thomas R. Dunlap
Enhancing the Dialogue Between Foresters and Private Forest Landowners (1442KB) - James C. Finley, Allyson B. Muth, Alex L. Metcalf
Green Religion vs. the Greening of Religion: A Case Study of Christian Environmental Stewardship (83KB) - David K. Foster
How Policy Discussions Drive Innovation in Forest Management (56KB) - Richard Haynes
Indiana Community Outreach Program (675KB) - Lee E. Huss
The Role of University-Industry Research Cooperatives in Diffusing New Technology (32KB) - Robert Kellison
Developing Relationships with Local Media (9KB) - William W. Keye
Outdoor Recreation in the New Century: Frame Workers for Working Through Challenges (61KB) - Stephen McCool
Integrating Communications Training into the Forestry Curriculum (41KB) - Brooks C. Mendell
Forestry, Scientism, and Utilitarianism (31KB) - Harvey Tjader, James E. Coufal
The Future of Recreation Research in Post-Utilitarian Resource Management (37KB) - Daniel R. Williams
Cultural Relations with the Land: Asian-American Perspectives (28KB) - Zhu Hua Ning
Who Does the Work in the Forest? Connections Between Foresters and the Forestry Workforce (62KB) - John J. Garland
Mapping Forest Attributes in the Interior Western States Using FIA Data, MODIS Imagery and Other Geospatial Layers (6560KB) - Jock A. Blackard
The Ancient Cross Timbers Consortium for Research, Education, and Conservation (104KB) - Don C. Bragg, David W. Stahle
Digital Photography for Urban Street Tree Crown Condition (9478KB) - Neil A. Clark, Sang-Mook Lee, Bill Bechtold, Greg Reams
Are Texas Forest Soils Being Re-Engineered by an Invasive Earthworm Species? (171KB) - George A. Damoff, Kenneth W. Farrish
The Douglas-Fir Beetle in Minnesota: Locating an Indigenous Exotic in Northern Forests (125KB) - D.W. Gilmore, K.J. Dodd, S.J. Seybold
Sediment from a Small Ephemeral Gully in South Carolina (1481KB) - William F. Hansen, Dennis L. Law
Impact of Forestry-Related Ordinances on Timber Harvesting (252KB) - James E. Henderson, Tina Wilson, Michael Dunn, Richard Kazmierczak, Huiszhen Niu
The New Alsea Watershed Study (126KB) - George Ice, Cody Hale, Stephen Schoenholtz, Jeff Light, Sherri Johnson, Terry Bousquet, John D. Stednick
Sampling to Monitor Tamarisk (Salt Cedar) Control on the Cimarron National Grassland (30KB) - Thomas B. Lynch, Robert F. Wittwer, Douglas J. Stevenson
Fuel Loading and Vegetative Response of Mixed-Confier Stands to Silvicultural Treatment (109KB) - Glenn Mason, Terrell Baker, Jon Boren, Dawn Van Leeuwen, Sam Fernald, Doug Cram
Assessing Forest Fuel Models Using LIDAR Remote Sensing (455KB) - Mutlu Muge, Sorin Popescu, Curt Stripling
Success or Significance: Leaving a Legacy (26KB) - Carlton N. Owen
Socio-Economic Assessment of Sustainable Forestry (59KB) - H. Williams Rockwell, Jr.
Moving Forward with LIDAR Remote Sensing: Airborne Assessment of Forest Canopy Parameters (941KB) - Alicia M. Rutledge, Sorin C. Popescu, Curt Stripling
Increasing Habitat by Voluntary Transfer of Risk of Owning Big Trees (73KB) - Doug St. John, Finn Krogstad
Technology for the Technically Challenged (46KB) - Philip Smartt
Existing Knowledge Levels of Silvicultural Impacts on Wood Properties for Developing Engineered Wood (633KB) - Dusty Snow
Current Use of Federal Land Utilization Projects Granted to State and Local Agencies (404KB) - Thomas J. Straka, S. Knight Cox, Heather T. Irwin
Measurement and Modeling of Erosion from an Established Forest Road in the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma (63KB) - Donald J. Turton
Using Remotely Sensed Data to Map Forest Age Class by Cover Type in East Texas (191KB) - Daniel R. Unger, I-Kaui Hung, Jeff Williams, Jeff Kroll, Dean Coble, Jason Grogan
Evaluating the Geometric Accuracy of Quickbird Imagery: A Users Perspective (192KB) - Daniel R. Unger, David L. Kulhavy, Grant D. McAfee
Multi-Source Image Classification (101KB) - Daniel R. Unger, Hillary Tribby, James Kroll, I-Kuai Hung, Hans Williams
Transformation of the Oak Forest Spatial Structure in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan Area (722KB) - Kathleen Ward, Kathryn Kromroy, Jennifer Juzwik
A "Cradle to Grave" Evaluation of Projects and Appeals on the Green Mountain and White Mountain National Forests (108KB) - Lucas G. Westcott, Robert W. Malmsheimer, Donald W. Floyd
Attitudes, Beliefs and Values in Forest Planning (2354KB) - Denise Wickwar, Fred Clark, Robert Dow, Stephanie Snyder

Posted May 2006