September 2, 1999

To: Guidebook recipients
From: Research Branch and Forest Practices Branch, Ministry of Forests
Re: Mapping and Assessing Terrain Stability Guidebook - Second Edition, August 1999.

This version of the Mapping and Assessing Terrain Stability Guidebook replaces the original guidebook dated April 1995.

The Mapping and Assessing Terrain Stability Guidebook provides standards and procedures for mapping terrain and terrain stability, and for carrying out terrain stability field assessments (TSFAs). The Operational Planning Regulation, the Forest Road Regulation and the Woodlot Licence Forest Management Regulation require that the assessments and mapping be carried out in accordance with procedures set out in this guidebook.

Those who have initiated assessments and mapping projects prior to this 1999 version of the guidebook being published and made available, can either choose to complete the projects according to the procedures contained in the 1995 guidebook (i.e. the only version available at the time of project commencement), or they can choose to complete them in accordance with this latest version. All TSFAs and mapping that commences after the 1999 guidebook is published and made available, must only follow the procedures provided in this version, as required by regulation.

Revisions have been made to the 1995 guidebook for the following reasons:

Additional copies of this guidebook may be purchased from Queen’s Printer (QP) Publications; the guidebook can be ordered through the BC Government Publications index on the internet at: or by calling 1-800-663-6105). The guidebook is also available on the Ministry of Forests internet homepage at: /tasb/legsregs/fpc/fpcguide/guidetoc.htm

Note that mailouts of hard copies to Ministry of Forests and Ministry of Environment district and regional offices will occur in early September.

If you have any questions or comments please contact one of the Ministry of Forest’s regional geoscientists / geomorphologists, or contact:

Steve Chatwin, Research Branch, MOF at (250) 387-5887,
e-mail:; or

Greg Kockx, Forest Practices Branch, MOF at (250) 356-5946,