Forest Practices Code, Province of B.C.

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This Forest Practices Code Guidebook is presented for information only

It is not cited in regulation. The Forest and Range Practices Act and its regulations took effect on Jan. 31, 2004. This replaced the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act and regulations. For further information please see the Forest and Range Practices Act.

Silviculture Prescription Guidebook

February 2000


Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act
Operational Planning Regulation
Timber Harvesting Practices Regulation



General requirements

Tenure identification

Area summaries

Management objectives and consistency with other plans

Conditions to accommodate forest resources

Ecological information and site characteristics


Specific management measures

Soil conservation

Silvicultural system

Stocking requirements

Mapping requirements

Appendix 1. Silviculture prescription template and legislative and regulatory references

Appendix 2. Fields in the silviculture prescription template which are entered and tracked on the Ministry of Forests information system


  1. Tenure section example
  2. Area summary example
  3. Example of management objectives
  4. Wildlife example
  5. Sensitive areas example
  6. Fisheries example
  7. Watershed example
  8. Recreation example
  9. Biological diversity example
  10. Visual resource management example, consistent with established VQOs
  11. Visual resource management example, where VQOs have not been established
  12. Cultural heritage example
  13. Range example
  14. Other resources example
  15. Example of how ecological information and critical site conditions might be stated in a prescription
  16. Example of measures for riparian management
  17. Example of measures for gully management
  18. Example of measures for the management of forest health
  19. Example of measures for the management of coarse woody debris
  20. Example of measures for the management of archaeological sites
  21. Example of measures for vegetation management
  22. Example of soil conservation section
  23. Example silvicultural system – clearcut with reserves
  24. Example silvicultural systemuniform seed tree
  25. Example silvicultural systemgroup selection
  26. Example silvicultural systemstrip shelterwood
  27. Example silvicultural systemsingle tree selection
  28. Example of stocking standards for clearcuts or patch cuts
  29. Example of stocking requirements for single tree selection silvicultural systems