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These Forest Practices Code Guidebooks
are presented for information only

They are not cited in regulation. The Forest and Range Practices Act and its regulations took effect on Jan. 31, 2004. This replaced the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act and regulations. For further information please see the Forest and Range Practices Act.

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Bark Beetle Management Oct 95
Biodiversity Sept 95
Boundary Marking Aug 95
Channel Assessment Procedures Dec 96
Channel Assessment Procedure Field Guidebook Dec 96
Community Watersheds October 1996
Defoliator Management Oct 95
Dwarf Mistletoe Management July 95

Establishment to Free Growing
Fish-stream Crossing Revised Edition PDF (2.05MB) September 2012
Fish-stream Crossing PDF (2.05MB) March 2002
Fish-stream Identification (Second edition) Version 2.1 PDF  August 1998 (455Kb)
Forest Development Plan (Second edition) PDF  Dec 2001 (1.21MB)
Forest Fertilization  Sept 95
Forest Road Engineering  June 2002  PDF - Full Document, (7.22MB) 
Download in Chapters - PDF - Chapters 1 & 2, (2.06MB)  PDF - Chapter 3, (1.19MB)  PDF - Chapter 4 & 5, (1.38MB)
PDF - Chapter 6, (2.65MB)  PDF - Appendices, (916KB)
Example Plan/Profile Drawing (PDF), in Appendix 3 (441KB - Acrobat 4)
Example Plan/Profile Drawing (PDF), in Appendix 3 (419KB - Acrobat 5) 

Generic Forest Health Surveys Guidebook   Apr 2001 PDF 1,780 kb 
Green-up Second edition Jan 99 PDF 285 kb
Gully Asessment Procedure PDF  Feb. 01 - Fourth Edition Version 4.1 (1,905Kb)
Hazard Assessment Keys for Evaluating Site Sensitivity
to Soil Degrading Processes
Identified Wildlife Management Strategy
Landscape Unit Planning Guide
Mapping and Assessing Terrain Stability  Aug 99 PDF
Cover Letter (Sept. 99)
Management of Terminal Weevils in BC  Nov 96
Pine Stem Rust Management  June 96
Pruning  July 95

Public Consultation  Sept 95

Range Use Plan Guidebook  October 2000 Second Edition, {PDF} 602 kb
Regional Lake Classification and Lakeshore Management
Riparian Management Area  Dec 95
Root Disease Management  July 95
Seed and Vegetative Material  Apr 95
Silviculture Prescription   February 2000

Silviculture Surveys Dec 95 edition was superseded by the:
Stocking and Free Growing Surveys Procedures Manual
which is now part of the on-line Silviculture Manual

Silvicultural Systems  Apr 95
Soil Conservation   May 2001 PDF 401 kb
Soil Conservation Surveys   May 2001 PDF 1,797 kb
Soil Rehabilitation  Mar 97
Stand Management Prescription  Mar 99 PDF

Trail and Recreation Facility  Sept 95

Tree Wounding and Decay  Feb 97
Visual Impact Assessment   January 2001 PDF Part 1, 306 kb PDF Part 2, 1,020 kb PDF Part 3, 1,138 kb
Watershed Assessment Procedure Guidebook PDF  Apr. 99 - Second Edition Version 2.1 (445Kb)