Tenures/Stewardship Program

Program Goals & Areas

Goal - Forest and Range values (Soils, biodiversity, fish/riparian, water quality, visuals, recreational) are adequately managed and sustained

FREP Forest and Range Evaluation Program

TSR Timber Supply Review

Goal - Forests are healthy

FH Forest Health

IP/IAPP Invasive Plants

Goal - Risks and benefits of fire on the landscape are assessed and addressed

        BC Parks Prescribed Burning brochure for the Province LINK

Goal - Forest are renewed

SP Silviculture Planning

ER Ecosystem Restoration

FFT Forests for Tomorrow

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Goal - Efficient and timely administration of tenure authorizations to
            the satisfaction of our clients

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         Forest Tenure information LINK 



  • Lori Borth - Resource Manager  e-mail

    John DeGagne, RPF - Tenures/Stewardship Supervisor  e-mail

    • Lead for Timber Supply Review, Ecosystem Restoration Planning, Land & Resource Management Planning (including Access Management Plans)

  • Gord Saito, RPF - Stewardship Forester  e-mail

    • Lead on Recreational Trail Designations and Objectives, Access Management Plan Implementation, Forest and Range Evaluation Program (FREP) Lead

  • Cathy Middleton, RPF - Tenures Forester  e-mail

    • Appraisals and FSPs for Major Licensees, Cutting Permits, Road Use Permits, Scenic Area Management lead

    • Cutting Permits, Lands & Mines Referrals, Occupant Licence to Cut, Road Use Permits 

  • Delee Anderson, RPF - Tenures Forester  e-mail

    • Cutting Permits, Appraisals and FSPs for Major Licensees, Road Use Permits, FFT, and SSS Silviculture

    Alan GilchristRPF - Tenures Forester - Woodlots  e-mail

    • Woodlot Program Delivery

  • Judy Birch - Resource Clerk  e-mail

    • Administration for Private Timber Marks, Contracts, Range, Road Use Permits, Warehouse Services

    Barb Anthony - Resource Clerk  e-mail

    • Tenures Administration


Links of Interest

Society for Ecological Restoration
In North Central British Columbia

Vanderhoof Forest District Scenic Areas & Visual Quality Objectives / GAR Order LINK

Vanderhoof Land and Resource Management Plan (Including all the information regarding the Vanderhoof Access Management Plan - where there is an opportunity for feedback) LINK

 Vanderhoof Access Management Area Shapefiles LINK

Vanderhoof Results of the Sustainable Forest Management Public Opinion Survey (2006/2007) LINK

Vanderhoof Recreation Map  LINK/



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