Fast Facts for the Vanderhoof Forest District
  • In our District, we have 6 commercial species of trees including Lodgepole Pine, White Spruce, Subalpine Fir (balsam), Douglas Fir, Black Spruce and Trembling Aspen (poplar).

  • The non-commercial trees in the District are Paper Birch, Black Cottonwood, and Tamarack.

  • The total volume of wood cut during the 2011 season in the District was 3,021,645 cubic meters (m3).

  • A cubic meter (m3) of wood is about the same size as a telephone pole.

  • A highway logging truck holds about 35 m3.

  • If a house requires 60 m3 in its construction, then last year the wood that was harvested in our District could have been made into 50,360 houses! If each house averages 2.5 people, then approximately 125,901 people could be housed...and if the average height of those people was 5 foot 7 inches (170 cms) and all those people held hands they would stretch from Vanderhoof to Prince George and back!

  • There are over 30 recreation sites and more than 200 kilometres of trails in the district.  They are managed by Recreation Sites and Trails BC which is part of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations.

  • In 2005, there were 4.3 million trees planted in the District.  In addition, we did the following silviculture activity:

  • There are 12 First Nations in our District:

             Saik'uz First Nations                  Nazko First Nations
             Ulkatcho First Nations               Skin Tyee First Nations
             Stellat'en First Nations              Lheidl T'enneh First Nations
             Lhoosk'uz Dene First Nations      Nadleh Whut'en First Nations
             Cheslatta First Nations              T'lazt'en First Nations
             Nak'azdi First Nations                Yekooche First Nations

  • We had 50 fires, which burned 13,054 hectares in our District in 2005.  Lightning  strikes caused 27 fires, and people not putting out their campfires caused 23 fires.  The total cost of the fires was $3,218,268.