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Mark-Site Designation


To qualify for designating a scale site on line:


1. You are either the owner of the timber or have the consent of the owner of the timber to submit the agreement.
2. You must transport timber to the place that is designated to be sent for scaling
3. Timber transport may not commence until this scale site designation agreement has been approved by a ministry official. Submit one (1) week prior to hauling.
Timber Marking and Transportation Regulation section 2 Scale Site Designation



To use this on-line application process, you must:


Have a buisness or personal e-mail address, or have access to an e-mail address.
You can get free e-mail accounts from providers such as Hotmail or Yahoo


A copy of the agreement, in this process, will be sent to that e-mail address when you submit the form. An approved agreement will be sent to that e-mail address at processing completion. (Normally within three (3) days.)


If you qualify and meet the requirements, you may apply by
clicking here


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