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Application for Crown Timber

To have your application considered, it must be for one of the following purposes.

Agricultural purpose, firewood or Christmas tree not in designated areas, Firewood for schools, scientific investigation and traditional and cultural activities. details...
2. FORESTRY LICENCE TO CUT (purchase) Salvage of small dispersed patches of timber that are dead, infested with pests, damaged or otherwise in danger of being significantly reduced in value, lost or destroyed.
Harvested as part of a sanitation treatment or to eliminate a safety hazard or harvested under controlled scientific or investigative conditions.
volume cannot exceed 2000m3.  details...
3. CHRISTMAS TREE PERMIT (purchase) harvest or grow and harvest Christmas trees on Crown land. details

Direct Award Policy Application [pdf]


Due to the type and quantity of information for this application, it is no longer available on line.

Download the Small Scale Salvage Application [pdf]

Complete this application in its entirety and either mail, fax or hand deliver to the District office in Smithers. [Fax: 250.847.6353]


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