Personal-Use Firewood Cutting on Crown Land

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Permits issued from this site are only for the South Island District Area. (Victoria to Union Bay)

How Can I Apply? 

Please check that you are applying for the correct district.


To apply, click here. Before accessing this on-line application process, please have the following information ready:

  • your e-mail address

  • the license plate number of the vehicle that will be transporting the wood

IMPORTANT Note: To have a valid permit you must attach the information e-mailed to you, to the SCHEDULE A and MAP.




You may also apply in person at the South Island Natural Resource District office.  Carry your permit and identification with you, as you are required by law to produce both if requested by a Natural Resource Officer or Police Officer. 


Where Can I Cut Fire Wood? 

Within the designated cutting area the following areas listed in the Maps section are currently open for firewood cutting.

Please print the map(s) and attach it to your permit.  For any other areas of interest that are not listed below, please contact the South Island Natural Resource District at (250) 731-3000. 


If cutting firewood in a post harvest area a "Post Harvest" Cutblock map must be attached to permit.




Map(s) for any available firewood areas can be downloaded here or obtained at the South Island Natural Resource District office.  To assist in locating the "Non-Cutblock Areas" below, the boundaries have been placed on "Google Earth". You must have Google Earth downloaded on your computer first. Download Google Earth. Once you have done this, click on one of the links here.  Port Alberni on Google . They should show in Google automatically as solid areas. To remove the solid area and leave the area outlined, click on these instructions.


Non-Cutblock Areas

Post Harvest Area Cutblocks

No areas available at this time. Port Alberni - Bamfield Main:  
  Mueller Dot Firewood Permit Map

Port Alberni Sproat Lake area
   Stirling Arm Firewood Area Map
  Community Forest Firewood Area Map
Cowichan Area - No areas available at this time Cowichan - No post harvest areas available
Nanaimo/Qualicum - No areas available at this time Nanaimo/Qualicum - No post harvest areas available
Ucluelet/Tofino- No areas available Ucluelet/Tofino -No post harvest areas available
Victoria - No areas available Victoria - No post harvest areas available


What Can I Cut?


In authorized firewood cutting areas, the following applies:

  • In former timber sale licence areas or licensee cutblocks:  post harvest waste and residue, piled at roadside may be removed where maps have been provided. Note: "No Entry" signs may be posted by the licensee when carrying out site treatment activities. Please observe these signs.

  • For other Available Non-Cutblock Areas:  only dead and down timber may be removed as defined on available maps above. 

No standing timber (e.g. live trees or snags) whatsoever may be cut.  Failure to comply may lead to enforcement action.


No Cedar can be cut or taken.


No guard logs placed along roads for safety purposes can be cut.


How Much Wood Can I Take?


A maximum of 18 m3 or five (5) cords of wood per household, per year, can be removed from the area.


Can I Sell the Wood?


Any firewood cut under this permit is for personal use only and cannot be sold.  For information on commercial firewood cutting permits, please contact your local forest district and inquire about the Small Scale Salvage program.


How Long is the Permit Valid?


This permit is valid until the end of the calendar year in which the permit was issued.


Resource Road Safety


Use extreme caution on resource roads. Even though there may not be active logging in an area, there may be industrial and non industrial traffic.


Follow these resource road use procedures:

  • drive with your headlights on at all times

  • stay on your own side of the road

  • if you have a radio, make sure you’re on the right frequency and follow calling procedures

  • never assume there’s no oncoming traffic

  • loaded industrial vehicles have the right of way

  • obey all speed controls

  • do not proceed past falling or blasting signs

  • wear your seatbelt at all times.


Who Assumes the Risk for Loss or Injury?


Persons engaging in firewood cutting under this permit will assume all risk of loss or injury and save harmless the Crown from all and any claims.


Recommended Protective Clothing

  • Safety Head Gear-High visibility red or orange with 4 point suspension and meets CSA or ANSI standards

  • Eye and Face Protection-Safety Glasses and wire mesh face screen

  • Hearing Protection

  • Hand Protection-gloves

  • Leg Protection-protective pants

  • Safety footwear.

Thank you for your co-operation.