Tenures Administration Guidance

Cutting Permit & Road Tenure Administration Manual - Version 3.0 Dated March 1, 2010

Recommended reading - primary guidance source for road tenures and cutting permit administration.  This provincial manual is located at the Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Forest Tenures Branch public website. 


Cutting Permit Application Schedule B-Reserved Timber

This material includes (i) Coast Region document titled “Schedule B Frequently Asked Questions” dated January 15, 2010 (ii) March 15, 2006 memo titled “Use of Schedule B of Cutting Permits to Describe Reserved Timber”, (iii) FRPA General Bulletin # 8 “Wildlife Tree retention Area (WRTA) guidance for district and licensee staff

As well, please refer to the Cutting Permit & Road Tenure Administration Manual regarding reserved timber administration in cutting permits.


Cutting Permit Closure Guidance

July 22, 2008 –District Manager cutting permit closure letter.

As well, please refer to the Cutting Permit & Road Tenure Administration Manual regarding reserved timber administration in cutting permits.


First Nation Consultation Post Forest Stewardship Plan Approval and Woodlot Licence Plan Approval

This material includes (i) November 30, 2009 all licensee meeting “First Nation Consultation – prior to issuance of Cutting Permits (CP)s and Road Permits (RP) – Overview, (ii) Coast Region document dated May 15, 2008 titled “Post FSP Questions and Answers, and (iii) FRPA Administration Bulletin # 1 dated June 9, 2005 titled “Forest Stewardship Planning: First Nations Information Sharing Bulletin

As well, please refer to the Cutting Permit & Road Tenure Administration Manual Aboriginal Interests section.


Major Tenures in the South Island Natural Resource District

The South Island Natural Resource District (SINRD) area-based tenures include Tree Farm Licences (TFL), First Nations Woodland Licence, woodlots (WL), Community Forest Agreements (CFA) and Timber Licences (TL).  The SINRD volume-based tenures include Replaceable Forest Licences (FL), Non-replaceable Forest Licences (NRFL), and Forestry Licence to Cuts (FLTC) major within the Arrowsmith Timber Supply Area (TSA) and the Pacific TSA.  As well, BC Timber Sales (BCTS) sells timber in various portions of the Arrowsmith TSA, Pacific TSA and some TFLs. 

The current holders of FLs, FLTCs (major), NRFLs, TFLs and TLs include the following licensees:

Tree Farm Licenses (TFL) held by :

  Iisaak Forest Resources Limited - TFL 57

  Maa-mook Natural Resources Ltd. - TFL 54

  Teal Cedar Products Ltd. - TFL 46

  Western Forest Products Inc. - TFL 44,

  Pacheedaht Anderson Timber Holdings Limited Partnership - TFL 61


First Nations Woodland Licence held by :

Huu-ay-aht First Nation - Woodland Licence K4H


Replaceable Forest Licenses (FL) held by:

  Coulson Forest Products Limited, - FLA19234

  International Forest Products (Interfor), - FL A19235 and FL A86838

  Steeves Forest Consulting Ltd. - FLA74632

 Non-replaceable Forest Licence (NRFL) held by:

Cowichan Lake Community Forest Co-operative – FL A52017

   Ditidaht First Nation: FL A85953, FL A85954, FL A85955

  Echa-Peh Forest Resources Ltd. FL A59658

  Equis Forest Products Ltd. - FLA53361

  Huu-ay-aht First Nation: FL A85455, FL A85819, FL A87325

  Lake Cowichan First Nation – FL A81391

  Malahat Forestry Services Inc. – FL A85948

  Pacheedaht Forestry Limited – FL A86669

  Snaw-Naw-As Forest Services Ltd. – FL A85925

  WeWeyerhaeuser Company Ltd. – FL A49541

Forestry Licences to Cut (FLTC Major) held by:

Ditidaht First Nation - FLTC A80490

  Snuneymuxw First Nation – FLTC A86399

  Tseshaht First Nation - FLTC A79344, FLTC   A81582

   Uchucklesaht Resource Development Limited Partnership - FLTC A77956

  UFUFN Nation Holding Company Ltd. FLTC A78075

Timber Sale Licences (TSL Major) held by:

Ts'aa7ukw Forestry Ltd. - - TSL A71020

Timber Licences (outside of TFLs) held by:

Iisaak Forest Resources Ltd.

  International Forest Products Ltd.

  Teal Cedar Products Ltd.

  Western Forest Products Inc.

An up to date map of the SINRD tenures is currently not available.  Please contact district tenures staff for location information regarding the above tenures.

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