Minor Tenures & Small Scale Salvage Program

Damaged Timber salvage applications will be accepted for areas that have been affected by the recent wind storm event.

South Island Natural Resource District Minor Tenures and Small Scale Salvage Contacts:

Applications for Minor Tenures & Small Scale Salvage Program, should be submitted to the South Island Natural Resource District Office - Port Alberni:

  • By phone: clients and the public: 250- 731-3006
  • Electronic submissions should be sent to: FTA.DSI@gov.bc.ca Inbox
  • In person: drop off your application or mail it to the SINRD office in Port Alberni address:
    4885 Cherry Creek Road, Port Alberni, BC, V9Y 8E9

Applications for the following permits should be submitted through the online web interface or in person at the South Island District Office:


Minor Tenures:

Special Use Permits - SUP 

A Special Use Permit - SUP gives non-exclusive authority to a company or an individual to occupy and use an area of Crown Land, within the Provincial Forest, when they have demonstrated to the District Manager that the intended use is in accordance with the Provincial Forest Use Regulation and related legislation. Annual rent is payable on SUP. Applicants must ensure that they had received their SUP documents before proceeding with operations.


Licence to Cut - LTC & Occupant Licence to Cut - OLTC 

A licence to cut - LTC authorizes a company or an individual to cut and deck / remove timber from land that they occupy or own, where they otherwise do not have the right to harvest Crown timber.

The following licences to cut are available:

Forestry Licence to Cut - FLTC - issued under Section 47.6 of the Forest Act. These licences are issued for salvage of dead and down post harvest material and blow down. Standing timber in imminent danger of being lost to blow down, fire, etc.

Occupant Licence to Cut - OLTC - issued under Section 47.4 of the Forest Act. These licences are issued to applicants who have a legal right of occupation over an area and want to cut down trees. The legal right of occupation can come in form of a Land Act Permit, Special Use Permit, Highway's Permit, Road Use Permit, etc. OLTC normally involves standing timber, however it could be for dead and down. The OLTC authorizes the person to cut Crown timber on the land, remove Crown timber from the land or do both: OLTC/With Rights & OLTC/Without Rights to remove Crown timber.

  • Fill out the form online, print it and submit it; or download a copy of the form, print it and fill it out by hand. Attach the required location map, and photographs.

Please note that a holders of OLTCs are not required to prepare Forest Stewardship Plans (FSPS), but must follow the practices requirements specified in part 4 of the FPPR unless exempted. FRPA General Bulletin #16 describes the application of FRPA with respect Occupant licences to Cut (OLTC). 



Small Scale Salvage is defined as harvesting and utilizing small volumes of timber that are dead and/or in danger as a result of an insect infestation, fire, disease or windthrow of being significantly reduced in value, lost or destroyed and would otherwise not be harvested.

For more information on Small Scale Salvage within the South Island Natural Resource District refer to the Provincial Small Scale Salvage website


Firewood Permits

  • Firewood for Personal-use: if you are interested in cutting firewood for personal use, please visit our district Firewood for personal-use web page. This page has more details on how to apply, where and what can be cut, how much, and how long a permit is valid. Any firewood cut under a Firewood permit is for personal use only and cannot be sold.
    For requirements for transporting firewood please contact the SINRD Scale supervisor.
  • Commercial Firewood: if however you are interested in cutting firewood and selling it, you will need to apply for a Small Scale Salvage permit as explained above in the Conventional and the Professional Salvage Applications above.
  • District Guidance Document list the requirements to sell firewood. Please note that this documents is for guidance only and you will need to contact the appropriate agencies listed in order to obtain specific details. 
  • All firewood is subject to Timber Marking and Transportation Regulations:


Decked Forestry Licence to Cut - DFLTC

Operations such as clearing for roads, hydro right of ways or other operations on crown land may result in timber being cut and decked that must be disposed of by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. These decks of timber are sold through a competitive tender sale. For more information on decked timber sales look at the links below:

Upcoming Decked Forestry Licence to Cut sales are posted on the following sites:

  • Official Notices System this site can be searched for available sales
  • South Island New Sales Site  Click on link to see available sales. Please note: that this sites are updated periodically when a new sales are available. New sales are listed in individual folders under the above link. Each sale folder contains the tender information, license documents, maps, and pictures (if available)


Danger Trees - DT

If you have identified a tree or trees, on Crown Land adjacent to your property, that you believe are a potential hazard to your safety or improvements refer to the following guide:


Free Use Permit - FUP for First Nations

First Nations can request a Free Use Permit for the purpose of harvesting trees from crown land for traditional and cultural activity as defined in Sec. 1, Free Use Permit Regulation of the Forest Act.


Marine Salvage

There are two types of marine salvage:

East Coast of Vancouver Island:  This covers the area from Otter Point to Cape Caution. In order to conduct marine salvage a Log Salvage Permit must be obtained at a cost of $250.00/year, and you must dispose of your logs through a licensee for a log salvage receiving station within the Vancouver Log Salvage District (see attached documents)

West Coast of Vancouver Island: all areas on the West Coast between Cape Caution and Otter Point.  A beachcomb scale site (no charge) must be obtained from the South Island District Scaling Office, the timber must be scaled by an official licensed scaler and corresponding stumpage must be paid.

Important Note: If the timber bears a timber mark, scaled timber brand, or log tag, the log belongs to the mark holder or the company name on the log tag.  The owner of the timber must be contacted.

Rootbuck. Logs cannot be bucked without approval.  Rootwads must remain attached until approval is granted.  Along with the completed Application to Buck Salvaged Timber applications should also include detailed maps as well as photographs of the logs which require bucking.

For more information on Minor Tenures / Small Scale Salvage Program, please see office contacts above

Digital Signatures Initiative:

The South Island Natural Resource District Office (SINRD) is implementing a digital signing process for licences that require a witnessed signature on their permit documents. We would like to encourage our clients to participate in this new process.

In order to accept digitally signed documents from our clients and to comply with  the requirement of the witnessed signatures, our office has started a digital signatures registry for our staff and clients. The key to this initiative is a pre-witnessed, pre-signed registry form.

It is not mandatory to register, however, considering the advantages and the time saving for our clients and the licencing process, we strongly encourage our clients to give it consideration.

For more information please download and read the attached digital signatures information package, or contact our office for more details.

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