Timber Marks for Private Land

General Information

Please read the Timber Marks for Private Land Pdf Doc  for general information about Private Timber Mark applications.


Logging Tax

Please see the following link for information about Logging Tax.



Application Form

Some documents on our site are provided in Adobe Acrobat format. You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, fill out and print these documents. This software is available for free at Adobe's Web Site. Documents which are in Adobe Acrobat format will be annotated either with "PDF",  or with this graphic:Pdf Doc 

Required for all applications.  Application Form and Instructions Pdf Doc

Required for all applications.  Request for Mark Site Designation Pdf Doc

Timber can be exempted from the Timber Marking and Scaling requirements as described in Section 84(5) and 94(5) of the Forest Act subject to the following conditions:

1.     The total volume of timber to be exempted will not exceed  30m3.

2.     The timber exempted is to be transported directly to a designated mill.

3.     All products and residue must be returned to and used on the originating property only. 

4.     There is to be no trading or selling of any products or residue (firewood slabs etc.)


Attachments to Include with your Application

Before you submit your application, please download the Applicant checklist. Pdf Doc 



Where to Send Your Application

Please send completed applications and all attachments (see Applicant Checklist) to:


Sunshine Coast Forest District

7077 Duncan St

Powell River, B.C.
V8A 1W1

Phone: (604) 485-0700

Fax:     (604) 485-0799

E-mail:  fta.dsc@gov.bc.ca