FRPA Objectives for FSPs and WLPs


The FRPA planning framework requires that forest tenure holders must submit various operational plans to government for approval prior to carrying out forestry activities.  Operational plans include Forest Stewardship Plans, Woodlot Licence Plans, Range Use Plans or Range Stewardship Plan.  The content of these operational plans are guided by government established objectives.  Government agencies with authority to establish these objectives include the Ministry or Forests and Range, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry Tourism, Culture and the Arts and the Integrated Land Management Bureau. 

While the establishment, filing and maintenance of government objectives remains the responsibility of the individual authorized agency(s), the Sunshine Coast  District office has information available to assist forest and range tenure holders with identifying government objectives applicable to their specific tenured area.

Information can also be obtained at the following websites:


Provincial FRPA Implementation Team:                                                       

Coast Region Implementation Team:                                                            

Notices – FPPR Section 7 and WLPPR Section 9:                                        

Ungulate Winter Ranges:                                                                                   

Identified Wildlife Management Strategy:                                                  

Community Watersheds and Water Quality Objectives:                       

Approved landscape Unit Plans:                                                                      

Government Action Regulation Orders:                                                       

Information on Recreation :!publish/Forest%20Stewardship%20Plans/

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