Programs & Services: Stewardship

Forest stewardship is the cornerstone of Forest Service programs and is designed to ensure that the public's forests are well managed and protected for generations to come.

Mount Broadwood

Within the RMFD, the Stewardship program is responsible for forest health, strategic forest planning, timber supply reviews, monitoring of silviculture obligations and district earth science programs.  In 2006, the Rocky Mountain Forest District will commence with the more formal program of FRPA effectiveness evaluations of the new Forest and Range Practises Act.


Forest Health

Forest Health deals with key issues with respect to managing healthy forests. Primary issues in the Rocky Mountain Forest District include significant mountain pine beetle issues in a number of areas.

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Strategic Forest Planning

Forest planning involves Forest Service participation in key resource/land use planning.  Land use referrals are also coordinated by the planning group

Frozen Lake, Flathead Valley


Timber Supply Reviews

The following link will take you to the site that talks about the Cranbrook and Invermere Timber Supply Reviews.



Purcell Creek thinnings