Rocky Mountain Forest District Road and Bridge Works

The following is a ledger of road and bridge maintenance and replacement works in the Rocky Mountain Forest District.  All users have a responsibility to check for updated conditions and use forest roads according to current conditions.  Road conditions can change without any warning and this ledger may not reflect such conditions.


Public Caution:

Seasonal conditions exist on most roads.  Back-country roads may present rough and/or wet conditions with soft (muddy) sections. Where avalanche paths exist the roads may be partially covered with residual debris. As always, caution is advised on all roads and back-country travellers should be aware of rapidly changing weather conditions and stream flows which may affect road conditions. 

For questions regarding these closures please contact Dave Rebagliati at (250) 417-9596 or Len Palajac (250) 919-5523.

Work In-Progress:

Flathead-Kishinena FSR bridge is completed.

Albert River FSR is open.

Road Closures:

Blackfoot FSR is closed at 39km due to washed out approaches at bridge.

Buhl Creek FSR is closed due to washed out bridges.

Flathead FSR
from Corbin south to Flathead town site is closed due to multiple washouts including all bridges and culverts.

McClatchie FSR is closed at the Squaw Creek Bridge due to bridge washout.

Special Interest:

Pollock Creek Bridge on the Flathead FSR was removed for public safety. A ford was created to provide access beyond this point. Take extra caution when using this crossing.

Gray Creek Pass
is closed for the season.


Last updated on 1 November 2016.