Rough Fescue Seed Trial

In late July of 1998, rough fescue seed was collected at three different sites near Wasa, BC.  The consulting company involved in the project had staff with varied experience in native seed collection and had two hand operated, gas powered harvesting machines to speed up the process.

Seed Collection Equipment Photo of Collected Seed Heads

Seed was collected at the old Kimberley Airport, at the airport Beacon site and at the Skookumchuck exclosure.  The contractor collected three partially full brown grocery bags of seed in total.  It was obvious that some sites were better than others, and the seed cases varied in their weight and potential to be viable.

The rough fescue seed was cleaned and sent off to the Skimikin Nursery.  Nursery staff were not successful in germinating the rough fescue seed but it was known that rough fescue seed viability is usually low.

Some of the literature on rough fescue seed indicates that more viable seed is produced following a burn.  It is hoped that as a follow-up to one of the District's ecosystem restoration burns, a concentrated effort to collect rough fescue seed can be carried out.