Range Developments

Many of the pasture fences on Crown land today were originally built in the mid 1970's. This was the first concentrated effort to control livestock to improve distribution and utilization. In the last 10 years, more effort has been directed towards livestock use in riparian areas. Some of the more recent developments constructed in the Rocky Mountain Forest District allow for minimising livestock impacts on riparian areas are:

Skookumchuck Windmill - Constructed in 1993

Waterlines and Troughs

Water is either pumped or gravity fed to a series of troughs located in traditional non-use areas well away from riparian areas.

Hardened Access Points

Develop a firm, gravel ramp into the stream or pond so as to allow livestock one point of entry to access water; on occasion some fencing may be required to direct cattle to the access point or deep them from trampling too much of the riparian vegetation.

Not only do livestock use and impact riparian areas, but people must take care and be stewards of the land as well.  An ever increasing problem is recreational use in riparian areas with off-highway vehicles or four-wheel drive trucks.