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Invermere's Recreation Trails 

Blue Lake - # 1 - 12km

A network of multi-use, all season trails on Crown land for public use; maintained by the Blue Lake Forest Education Society.

Dutch Creek - # 2 - 40km

A long, heavily used horse trail into the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy.

Earl Grey Pass Trail - # 3 - 61km

A horse and hiking rail to Earl Grey Pass; then a rough hiking trail with cable car crossings of Hamill Creek from Earl Grey Pass to Argenta; contact BC Provincial Parks for more information.

Jumbo Pass - # 4 - 5.2 km 

A moderately steep trail for 2.6km, then a blaze route through subalpine larch meadows to the pass; Jumbo Pass Cabin 500m north of the pass; trailhead at 15.8km on Jumbo Creek Road; brochure available.

Coppercrown Creek - # 5 - 6km

A little used, steep trail to an abandoned mine in the subalpine.

Mineral Creek Trail - # 6 - 6km

A trail alongside Mineral Creek to its headwaters.

Brewer Creek Trail - # 7 - 5km

A trail to Mineral / Brewer Pass; connections to Mineral and Hopeful Creek trails; trailhead at Brewer Creek road end
(km 26).

Hopeful Creek Trail - # 8 - 5km

A horse trail to the pass east of Mt. Brewer with a south east branch to Mt. Goldie; trailhead at Panorama Resort's west end.

Tanyton Creek Trail - # 9 - 8km

A small, pleasant , treed, day use area; dock; electric motors only; adjacent to a paved road.

Castlerock Trail - # 10 - 6km

A steep trail with 27 switchbacks to Castle Rock; good Columbia Valley views; popular for spring and fall hiking; trail starts west of the hydroline.

Panorama X-Country Ski Trails - # 11 - 20km

A popular network of trackset trails; starts at Panorama Resort; fee charged.

Mt. Nelson - # 12 - 6km

A steep, poorly marked mountaineering trail leading to the upper shoulder of Mt. Nelson; trailhead at km 1.8 on Delphine Road.

Starbird Glacier - # 13 - 6km

A difficult, un-maintained trail / route to the terminus of the Starbird Glacier; for experienced backcountry users; rout starts before the second bridge on the Lake-of-the-Hanging Glacier Trail.

Lake of the Hanging Glacier - # 14 - 8 km  

A very popular trail to an impressive glacier fed lake; trailhead at road end (50km); campsite 800m north of lake; brochure.

Stockdale Creek - # 15 - 16km

A difficult, indistinct, brushed in trail for experienced backcountry users; trailhead is reached by fording Horsethief Creek at the Stockdale Creek Recreation Site.

Welsh Lake - # 16 - 6km

A popular, fairly steep trail to a scenic lake and alpine routes; trailhead access off km 36 on the Forster Road; brochure available.

Thunderwater - Whirlpool Lake - # 17 - 6km

A poorly defined trail which accesses the Catamount Glacier / Olive Hut; west route continues to alpine lakes; trailhead at road end (km 42).

McLean Lake - # 18 - 4.5km

A brushed in road, on the south side of Frances Creek (not passable, 1.5 km) leads to trailhead; trail follows an old mining road for 2.7 km; then a short, steep trail leads to a scenic lake; brochure available.

Septet Pass - # 19 - 6.2km

A brushed in road, on the south side of Frances Creek (not passable, 1.5 km) leads to the trailhead; trail crosses the north side of creek and follows an old road for 2.8 km; then switchbacks steeply into alpine meadows and the pass; ridges and tarns near the pass; brochure available.

Tiger Pass - # 20 - 2km

A route over moderate scree to the pass, then a descent over a small glacier to a sub-alpine larch / alpine lake basin; glacier travel required; to access trailhead, follow Frances Creek Road to km 15.8 , then follow a steep, high clearance road for 5 km to tree line.  For experienced hikers only.

Rocky Point Creek - # 21 - 6km

A skid road and rehabilitated trail off of km 29.5 leads to alpine basins and extensive views of the Bugaboos from Grizzly Ridge.  Avalanche hazards, ATV's prohibited.

Silver Basin Trail - # 22 - 2km  

A steep, poorly marked trail leading to an alpine basin; trail starts from a deactivated road west of the lodge.

Chalice Creek - # 23 - 6 km 

A gradual ascent, paralleling the creek, then climbing easterly to rolling alpine ridges above Septet Pass; great views of e Bugaboos; brochure available.

Templeton Lake - # 24 - 6km

An old road becomes a rocky route to an impressive cirque glacier and lake; limited camping; brochure available.  Park beyond west switchback above trailhead.

Slide Lake - # 25 - 2km

An easy walking trail to Slide Lake. 

Lower Bugaboo Falls - # 26 - 2km

A thirty minute hike to spectacular 25m waterfall with a hole-in-wall-spout; use caution when viewing.

Chrystalline Creek - # 27 - 8.5km

An old trail which fades to upper valley routes; for experienced backcountry users.

Silent Pass - # 28 - 4.5 km 

A short, moderately steep trail with panoramic views from the pass; trailhead in upper cutblock at 58.5km.

Cariboo Creek Alplands - # 29 - 2km

An un-maintained, rough trail which climbs steeply to attractive alpine tarns and basins.

Bald Mountain - # 30 - 12.5mk

An easy gradient trail paralleling the upper Spillimacheen River; ascends to extensive alpine meadows and panoramic views of the Purcell and Selkirk Mountains.

Diana Lake Trail - # 31 - 6 km 

A very popular trail to a scenic subalpine larch/alpine meadow basin; camping; respect private cabin; trailhead at road end (24km); brochure available.

Mitchell River - # 32 - 12km

A horse trail to Assiniboine Provincial Park; numerous fords; trailhead at road end, north of Baymag Mine.

Marvel Pass - # 33 - 9km

A popular, gentle gradient trail to scenic alpine meadows; links with Banff / Assiniboine Provincial Park trails; trail indistinct above upper cascade.

Whiteman Pass - # 34 - 5.5km

A pleasant and scenic trail connecting with Banff National Park trails; trailhead on north side of creek, adjacent to cut block.

Leman Lake - # 35 - 1km

A short trail into Banff National Park; if fishing, a Parks Canada fishing license is required; from road end (km 65) walk 4 km on an old road to trailhead.

Ralph Lake - # 36 - 4.2km

A steep trail to a scenic alpine lake; horse use prohibited; access from km 57 on the Albert River Road.

Natural Bridge Trails - # 37 - 12 km 

Four groomed ski loops of varying lengths and difficulties; warming hut; summer hiking (2.8km) to Cross River Natural Bridge and canyon; mountain biking circuit; brochure available.

Mount Swansea Slopes - # 38 - 4.5km

A very steep loop trail, with continuous valley views; reaches the peak via west slopes or south ridge routes; challenging spring and fall hiking; trailhead just above Windermere Loop Road and mine road.

Pedley Pass - # 39 - 2km

Quick access to scenic alpine ridge walking from a high elevation trailhead; connections to Pedley and Mary Anne Creek trails.  Access via an industrial road available on weekends and holidays only; high clearance 2WD vehicles required.

Queen Mary Lake - # 40 - 12km

A well-defined horse trail with nine creek crossings; provides access to Height of the Rockies Provincial Park; best after mid July due to high water.

Middle Fork White River - # 41 - 20.2km  

A trail with two fords, through valley bottom forest / meadows leading to Sylvan Pass; trailhead at Maiyuk Creek campsite.

Graves Lookout  - # 42 - 3km

A well defined trail to an active BC Forest Service lookout; to reach trailhead, turn off Middle White Road at km 48.8, then follow a high clearance road for 2 km.

Gibraltar Lookout - # 43 - 3km

A steep trail to an active BC Forest Service lookout with superb views of the Kootenay and White river Valleys.  Switchback road access.

Ptarmigan Lake - # 44 - 6km

Hike (or mountain bike ) road before entering mature forest; final 2 km is a steep trail to the lake; Park off km 6 on the Moscow Creek Road.

Saddleback Trail - # 45 - 8km

A moderately steep un-maintained trail to ridge above Premier Lake; superb views of the Kootenay Valley; trail starts in Premier Lake Provincial Park.

Mount Stevens - # 46 - 14.2km

To reach the trail, travel 5 km of abandoned road along Nichol Creek (two fords); a 4.2 km trail leads to the headwaters of Diorite Creek and Stevens Pass; trail then descends for 5 km to the Lewis Creek trailhead.

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