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Quesnel Road Users Committee

All industrial road users in the Quesnel District are required to contribute towards the maintenance of the road systems that they use.  The Quesnel Road Users Committee strives to ensure that road maintenance costs are shared equitably by all road users and it is the policy of this district that industrial road users must enter into a Road Use Agreement with this committee.  The Quesnel Road Users Committee Terms of Reference and the Cost Sharing Agreement form are provided below.

Quesnel Road Users Committee Terms of Reference   updated August, 2017

Quesnel Forest Service Road Closures   updated May, 2014

Quesnel Road Users Committee Agreement   updated August, 2017

Quesnel Road Users Map  updated March 18, 2015

Nazko Hwy Buss Stops  updated August, 2015

NOTICE - Changes to Radio Communications Protocols - FSR  updated February, 2015

Quesnel Resource Road Channel Map  updated July 28, 2015

Resource Industry Radio Channels updated February, 2015

Forest Road Procedures 

Remote Worker Evacuation Sites  updated September, 2013

Road Use Permit Application  updated June, 2009

Application For Road Permit Exemption  updated January 2017

Road Use Permit Application TIPS   updated December, 2012

Radio Protocol Procedures updated March, 2010

Resource Road User Safety Guide updated March, 2013




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