Salvage opportunities exist for both licensees and individuals to recover timber that is damaged or dead.  For individuals wishing to engage in salvage, the Professional Application for Salvage or Small Scale Salvage Program provide this opportunity.  Listed below are the applicable forms needed for completing an application.

Professional Applications

Professional applications for salvage in this district cover the removal of timber volumes between 50 - 2000 m3 located within the Timber Supply Area (TSA).  Professional applications must be endorsed by a registered professional forester
(RPF).  The link below details the standards and requirements for all professional applications.

Please be advised that any salvage opportunities in this district are limited to wind thrown trees or post-harvest residue. 



Small Scale Salvage

The Small Scale Salvage program in the Haida Gwaii Forest District is responsible for the administration of disposal of small volumes of timber within our district.  It specifically deals with volumes less than 50 m3.

Small scale salvage is the recovery of individual trees or small patches of diseased or fallen timber considered uneconomic by the commercial forest industry. 

Salvage timber in this district is limited to trees that are: 

  • windthrown

  • logging operations residue.

Applications to salvage dead standing trees will not be accepted.

All requirements of the Forest Practices Code and various resource management plans must be complied with.

To learn more about the Small Scale Salvage Program in the Queen Charlottes please follow the link below.

Maps are available at the links below.  Please note that these maps are large in size and may take a while to load.  These maps change on an ongoing basis and should not be used for navigational purposes.  Please contact the district SSS Coordinator for more information on the information shown on these maps.


Application Form

We encourage interested applicants to meet with our Salvage Coordinator prior to submitting an application to ensure that the wood is available for harvest. 

To complete an application for Small Scale Salvage opportunities, please fill out the form below and mail it to the district office.

Ministry of Forests and Range

PO Box 39

Queen Charlotte City, BC

V0T 1S0 

Forms may be dropped off at the office in person at 1229 Oceanview Drive, Queen Charlotte City.

Please note:  salvage applications may require the submission of a completed Road Use Permit Application.  Should a Road Use Permit be required, follow the links below for guidance on completing the form.


Additional information on Small Scale Salvage can be found below: