Forest Vandalism

Most users of forest recreation sites and trails respect the natural environment and consider the rights of others. Unfortunately, a few engage in senseless acts of vandalism and thoughtless behaviour that spoil everyone's enjoyment and damage the environment.

Vandalism also costs money. Each year many thousands of your tax dollars must be spent to repair or replace damaged structures on sites and trails. This accounts for about 10 percent of the Recreation Program's budget and takes money away from site and trail improvement and development. If you could put a dollar value on the loss of trees, soil or historic artifacts, the costs of vandalism would be even greater.

Why let someone rob you of your money and your enjoyment? You can play an active role in controlling vandalism. Whenever you see the "wreckreators" in action, simply report the details to the RCMP or the nearest B.C. Forest Service office. With your help, vandalism can be controlled.

Recreation: Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts manages recreation sites in BC. Their website contains additional recreation information, including an interactive Map of Recreation Sites in BC.

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