Electronic Submission Information

Electronic Submission Framework

The Electronic Submission Framework (ESF) allows clients of the Ministry of Forests, Mines and Lands to submit data electronically for RESULTS (Silviculture), FTA (Forest Tenures) and ABR (As Built Roads) applications.

Electronic Submission Framework Website provides information on application updates, bulletins, support, on-line help and training.

Forest Tenure Application

Guidelines, Standards, Specifications and General Information

Forest Tenures Business and Policy Documentation - Documents that provide information on forest tenure policies and procedures.

Tenure Mapping Service (TMS) through the ESF site

Tenure Naming Conventions

Tantalis GATOR Reporting and Land Statusing Tools

EziLink Quick Reference FTA Submission

Cutting Permit FTA Submission

Harvest Application No CP FTA Submission

Range FTA Submission

Road Permit FTA Submission


Sample FTA Submission XML Files

Cutting Permit XML File Example

Road Permit New XML File Example

Road Permit Amendment XML File Example

Woodlot Cutting Permit Schedule A XML File Example

Reporting Silviculture Updates & Landstatus Tracking System


The RESULTS Information Submission Specifications - Licensee Submissions (RISS) provides users direction in submitting silviculture information through the Electronic Submission Framework (ESF) for RESULTS.

This website contains ongoing updates to stakeholders with information and status of the project.