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Prince George District Road Closures and Alerts

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  Prince George - Robson        Prince George - Robson   (Google Earth required)
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  Prince George - Robson Closures

This data is subject to continuous change as field conditions vary daily.
Exercise caution when using resource roads.
  See Safety on Forest Service Roads


Permits and Forms

Note: The Firewood and Christmas Tree cutting permits must be printed and carried with the person(s) engaged in the activity.

  Firewood Free Use Permit

  Christmas Tree Cutting


Fire Information

Forest Education

  • The Tree Book will help you identify the native trees in your neighbourhood and understand why they grow where they do.
  • Common Tree Diseases of British Columbia is the third version of a Canadian Forest Service tree disease identification guide for British Columbia. This site is useful for arborists, horticulturists, and homeowners as a guide in the diagnosis of disease on a wide range of plants.

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Prince George District
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