Okanagan Shuswap District

Some Quick Facts About Us ...

District Description ... [District map]

  • One of the most ecologically complex areas in the province.
  • Covers approximately 2.25 million hectares
  • Approximately 320 km long by 140 km wide
  • Stretches from U.S. border in the south to Seymour River/Shuswap Lake in the north
  • Vegetation ranges from wet interior hemlock/cedar forests to semi-arid sagebrush
  • Lodgepole Pine and Douglas-fir are the dominant species
  • Roughly 1.4 million hectares of forest land of which 73% is available for harvest
  • Seven biogeoclimatic zones.
  • Home to numerous endangered, threatened or vulnerable species.

Annual Allowable Cuts ...

  • Okanagan TSA has an AAC of 2,655,000 m3/year.
  • TFL 49, Tolko, has an AAC of 580,000 m3/year.
  • TFL 33, Canoe Forest Products, has an AAC of 21,000 m3/year.
  • TFL 15, Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd, has an AAC of 70,000 m3/year.

Major Licencees in the Okanagan Timber Supply Area ...

  • Approximately 93% of the cut is held in replaceable forest licences and the BCTS
Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd
330,031 m3/yr
Okanagan Falls
Tolko Industries Ltd
783,497 m3/yr
Lavington, Kelowna, Armstrong
Gorman Brothers Ltd
228,119 m3/yr
Westbank, Lumby
Louisiana-Pacific Canada Engineered Wood Products Ltd
111,539 m3/yr
Canoe Forest Products

303,060 m3/yr
Bell Pole Ltd
45 286 m3/yr
BC Timber Sales
516,122 m3/yr
Throughout the TSA

Additional Facts ...

  • Population increased by 19% between 1991 and 1996 for a total of 313 000 which comprises 46.5% of the population of the Southern Interior Forest Region.
  • Over half of the district's population live in Penticton, Kelowna, Vernon or Salmon Arm.
  • Known for winter and summer recreational opportunities.
  • Forestry accounts for over 11% of the district's total employment.
  • Approximately 178 range tenures throughout the district.
  • There are 62 woodlot licences with an AAC of approximately 68,000 m3/yr from Crown Land and 8,000 m3/yr from private land. (total of 76,000 m3/yr)