Program Overview

The North Island - Central Coast Forest District (NICCFD) has seven Woodlot licences under management.  Our first woodlot licence was awarded in 1992 and most of them were issued during the last ten years.

Five of the woodlots are near municipalities, but two of them are located in isolated areas (Kingcome River and Westerman Bay).

There are 2653 hectares of Crown Land and 188 hectares of private land in our Woodlot Licence Program.  The combined Allowable Annual Cut (AAC) for both the private and Crown land in woodlot licences in the District is 16,195 m3/year.



Woodlots in the NICCFD

Here is a list of Woodlots in the North Island - Central Coast Forest District:


Licensee AAC (m3)* Location
W0048 Tsawataineuk First Nation 4300 Kingcome River
W0071 Spiketop Cedar Ltd. 1700 Port Hardy
W0072 Quatsino First Nation 4000 Coal Harbour
W1439 John Salo 1895 Malcolm Island
W1552 John Houghton 1450 Westerman Bay
W1909 Dennis & Leigh Swanson 1450 Malcolm Island
W1788 Twin T Holdings Corp. 1400 Port Hardy

*Note: including private land contribution

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