Mackenzie Forest District - Overview

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The Mackenzie Forest District lies within the Northern Interior Forest Region and covers approximately 6.1 million hectares. Williston Reservoir, covering approximately 1.5 million hectares, is the dominant geographic feature of the area.

The Rocky Mountain Trench runs north-south through the center of the district. The Rocky Mountains border the trench along the eastern side. The more rounded Omineca Mountains are found along the western side of the trench. The forests are comprised largely of mixed stands, with Engelmann spruce, white spruce, sub-alpine fir and lodgepole pine as the major tree species.

The population of the Mackenzie forest district, as reported in the 1991 census, is estimated at 6200 with the majority living in the municipality of Mackenzie. The communities of Fort Ware, Tsay Keh, Germansen Landing and Manson Creek are also located within the district. The economy is dominated by forestry with more than 70 per cent of employment directly or indirectly dependent on the forest sector.

The foresters, managers, technicians and support staff employed at the Mackenzie district office administer and implement forest and range regulations and license agreements. They also conduct field work to ensure that activities occurring on Crown forest land comply with the Forest & Range Practices Act of British Columbia and its regulations.

Significant features within the area include:

  • Total area of more than 6.1 million hectares.
  • Annual harvest of approximately 3.0 million cubic metres.
  • 1600 kilometres of Forest Service roads and 443 drainage structures including bridges and large culverts.
  • Over 3.05 million hectares of productive forest land.
  • Over 3.07 million hectares of non-productive forest land.
  • Trails such as Kimta Trail, Nation Falls Trail and the Canty Lake/Selwyn Trail.