Potential Forest Development Activity Areas
within the former Kalum District

Forest Licensees (Including BC Timber Sales) have identified areas in which forest development activities may occur in the next several years and have made this information available for public viewing.

These are not cut block boundaries. They are areas within which cut blocks or roads are being considered.

The purpose of making these potential activity areas available is to allow the public to see areas that have been identified by local Licensees for possible forest development in the next several years.  This will allow people to provide comments or request clarifications from the local Licensees. "Forest development" refers to activities such as the locating and surveying of timber areas as well as road construction and timber harvesting. Providing this opportunity to the public is over and above what is required under the Forest and Range Practices Act.

Important Notes

  • Any potential development that takes place within the activity areas will be in accordance with the licensee's approved Forest Stewardship Plan and the Forest and Range Practices Act.

  • The maps are based on data provided by Forest Licensees only for use on this project and is not intended for any other use or project. The source spatial files and data is not available for transmission or distribution.

  • The projected block data may be out of date and there are no representations made as to the suitability of this data for any use other than it's intended purpose.

  • The District makes no representation regarding the location or accuracy of the potential activity areas. Please do not contact the District directly with comments or concerns, instead contact one of the Licensees listed below.

Map Information

1:250,000 scale overview map
Shows the potential activity areas by licensee as well as a 1:20,000 map grid
- 12,688 kb Oct 30, 2012
If a more detailed view is required make note of the 1:20k map sheet number on the overview map (e.g. 104A.015), then click on the link below to to download the corresponding map sheet (e.g. 2012_PFDAA_20kmapsheet_104A.015.PDF).
- Potential Forest Development Activity Areas 1:20,000 maps FTP site

Google Earth Users:
Potential Forest Development Activity Area on Google Earth
- 1,675 kb Oct 30, 2012

Contact Information

A&A Trading Ltd.
211-4644 Lazelle Ave.
Terrace BC
Phone: (250) 615-2841
Fax: (250) 615-2842

BC Timber Sales - Skeena Business Area
200-5220 Keith Ave.
Terrace BC
V8G 1L1
Phone: (250) 638-5100
Fax: (250) 638-5176
Web: https://www.for.gov.bc.ca/bcts/areas/tsk.htm

Canada Resurgence Developments Ltd.
#101-5221 Keith Ave.
Terrace BC
V8G 1L2
Phone: (250) 638-7868

Coast Tsimshian Resources Limited Partnership
(managed by Brinkman Forest Ltd)
4905 Keith Avenue
Terrace BC
V8G 1K7
Phone: (250) 615-2040
Fax: (250) 635-2323

Haisla Resources Limited Partnership
Box 1101
Kitamaat Village BC
V0T 2B0
Phone: (250) 639-9361 (ext 207)
Fax: (250) 632-4794

Kalum Ventures Limited Partnership
PO Box 922
Terrace BC
V8G 4R2
Phone: (250) 635-8060
Fax: (250) 635-8062

Kitselas Forest Products Ltd.
1581 Kulspai Crescent
Terrace BC
V8G 4P5
Phone: (250) 638-1364
Fax: (250) 638-1864

Sim Gan Forest Corporation
(managed by Interpac Resources Ltd)
3974 Old Lakelse Lake Drive
Terrace BC
V8G 3V1
Phone: (250) 638-8376
Fax: (250) 635-5896

Terrace Community Forest Limited Partnership
3215 Eby Street
Terrace BC
V8G 2X8
Phone: (250) 635-5509
Fax: (250) 638-4777

Skeena Sawmills Ltd.
Box 780, 5530 Hwy 16 W
Terrace BC
V8G 4R1
Phone: (250) 635-6336