Coast Mountains District
Electronic Forest Management Initiative (e-FM)
Electronic Submission Framework (ESF)

The Ministry’s shift to conduct business through electronic transmission of information with the business community is called the Electronic Forest Management initiative (e-FM).
The e-FM initiative focuses on business transformation, efficient approval processes and electronic transactions and records.
The Electronic Submission Framework (ESF) allows clients of the Ministry of Natural Resource Operations to submit data electronically for Forest Tenure, Silviculture, As Built Roads and Forest Stewardship Plans.

Important: Access to applications may require a BC Government user ID (BCeID).

:  Administrative Boundaries and local road data files have been updated and are available from the 'District Data' link on left sidebar menu.

Note: This page is frequently updated with revisions to documents and procedures.  It is highly recommended that Licensees reference this page for changes prior to each submission.

General Notices

FIMBC News Update
DEA's and access to TRIM data for Licensees
- 43kb Dec 12, 2007

District Documents

Types of Forest Tenures
- Sep, 2011

District CP Route Card Process
- Apr, 2007

District Guide to Special Use Permits
- Jun, 2010

Using the ILRR Map Inquiry tool to Status Check an Area of Interest
- Jun, 2010

Using Mapview to Status Check an Area of Interest
- Jun, 2010

District ESF Submission Guide for FTA
- Ver. 1.3 Jun 29, 2007

Use of Map Notations for Permanent Sample Plots and Research Installations
- Sep. 25, 2009

Research Installation Spatial Information
- Oct 12, 2006

Inventory Permanent Sample Plot (G&Y) Spatial Information
- Aug, 2010

Connecting to Web Map Services using Arcmap
- Aug 12, 2009

Ministry Documents

ESF Overview
- Ver 1.0 Spring 2006

FSP Tracking System Primer
- July 10, 2007

A Guide to Integrate Mapping Requirements and Standards
- Final Version Aug 22, 2005

BC Standards and Specifications for Resource Surveys Using GPS Technology
- Ver. 3 Mar, 2001

Cutting Permit and Road Tenure Administration Manual
- Ver 3.0 Mar 1, 2010

License to Cut Administration Manual
- Ver 1.0 Mar 10, 2010

 Exhibit 'A' Mapping and Clearance Processing Manual for Tenure Administration
- Ver 1.0 Jan 27, 2011

 Tenures Clearance and Issuance Process Standard Operating Procedures
- Process Accompanying Document - Jan 2010

 A Practical Guide to Effective Coordination of Resource Tenures
- 3rd Edition 2008

Forest Industry Guide to the Preparation and Submission of Forest Tenure and Permit Documents via the Electronic Submission Framework (FTA)
- Ver. 1.4 Feb 2, 2009

Industry & BCTS Guide to the Submission of Road Tenures via the Electronic Submission Framework (FTA)
- Ver 2.5 Jun 4, 2007

RESULTS Information Submission Specifications
- 3b Edition Jan, 2011

ECAS Appraisal Data Submission Process: Quick Reference Sheet
- Ver 1.0 Mar 2005